Wolfson Children’s Hospital

A non-profit organization, Wolfson Children's Hospital relies on charitable donations to provide world-class care for all children in the region. With the aid of an initial $500,000 donation from the Wolfson Family Foundation, the hospital opened in 1955 as a place for all children to be admitted and treated without regard to creed, religion, race or financial position. That original mission remains today.

Wolfson Children’s Hospital does not turn anyone away. Because of this many migrant workers, families without insurance, etc. bring their children to us for care that they would otherwise not receive. Often times the babies and toddlers have severe diaper rashes due to not being kept as clean as they should be and not being able afford disposable diapers. Once the Women’s board found this out we decided to have diapers available at the hospital to be given to anyone needing them. We recommend that the parents come back for more diapers if the diaper related problem persists.