Why did you buy in Deercreek?

Well maintained, neat, esthetically pleasing, property values, gated community? Whatever reason, the esthetic look, security, feel of the community, and not to mention the country club lifestyle, you bought into a deed restricted community which comes along with covenant restrictions and rules and regulations that dovetail the covenants. Would you want to see an orange house, stuff piled in the driveway, sloppy exteriors, boats and cars on the street, blocking driveways and overall poor maintenance of properties?

The rules, were created by the developer who had a vision for the community. The Homeowners Association along with the Property Manager have an obligation to maintain the covenants, rules and regulations that apply to this community. The task of the Board of Directors is to uphold the values and maintain the community, keep a fiscally run association and carry out the covenants that were provided to and acknowledged by each home owner.

What if the Board of Directors, the Property Manager and the Architectural Review Board did not care and chose not to uphold any rules within our community? It sure would make their job easier, but the community would neither have the standard it maintains today nor the reputation that it has earned.

So, back to the original question. Why did you choose to purchase a home in Deercreek? If the answer is because of, - the aesthetic look of the community, the visual presentation of the community, the security, and many other aspects that hold and perhaps even enhance our property values; then take a moment and appreciate the covenants of our community because without them, none of these things would be possible. Like them or not, our covenants provide clearly defined rules that are in place to achieve those goals.