Who's Who?

In case you are wondering, “who belongs to whom and what belongs to who?” Here it is!!

Although everything in Deercreek appears to be under one umbrella that really isn’t the case! Despite the fact that the two main entities work in harmony, the Homeowners Association and the Country Club are two separate organizations as described below.

All residents/property owners of Deercreek make up the Home Owners Association (HOA). Common areas such as the guard gate, lakes, roads, playground, basketball court and play field fall under the auspices of the Homeowner’s Association. Questions relating to the HOA should be directed to the Property Manager or may be directed to any Board Member listed in the newsletter or on the website — www.deercreekcc.com

The Country Club has responsibility for the clubhouse, golf course, tennis, and pool properties. Country club privileges for these facilities and amenities are through paid membership. The Country Club welcomes all residents to join the club as either social or golf members. Membership questions may be directed to Kendahl Nix, the Membership Director or to Nicola Fulford, the General Manager. They may be reached at 904-363-1604.

Though the HOA uses the clubhouse for Board and Committee meetings, it is simply by the cooperation and generosity of the Country Club that we are afforded this free hospitality. Please remember that Board and Committee members and Residents are guests of the club. We do not want to put this privilege in jeopardy through inappropriate behavior.