Who Owns the Road between Southside and the Deercreek Guard gate?

By Jim Lowell

I’ve often heard questions about who owns the stretch of road between Southside and our guard gate. The simple answer is, we do; that road—in and out—is Deercreek property. The confusion arises because there are commercial establishments—like Watson Realty—along the road. This confusion also leads to questions, such as: Why is this fairly open road posted at only 30 MPH? And, why does our security company patrol this road and issue tickets?

The answer to both questions is straightforward. Like the rest of Deercreek, since it’s our property, Deercreek rules and regulations, including our 30 MPH speed limit apply.

That said, I think more explanation is necessary about the need to enforce our 30 MPH speed limit between the gate and Southside Blvd. One of the jobs of our security company is to help Deercreek maintain a community that is safe for our residents, their guests, and our contactors, whether someone is walking, on a bicycle, or in a powered vehicle. And, as anyone can see who is either coming into or leaving our development, Deercreek Road from our guard gate to Southside Boulevard can be a very busy road. It can have any mix of the following: runners from our development and from the Bank of America building across Southside; people walking in and out after being dropped off by, or needing to catch, a bus on Southside or over at the Avenues Mall; cars, trucks, and motorcycles coming to our development or Watson Realty, and any number of contractors, including Connors Landscaping, JEA, AT&T and Comcast, to name just a few.

To make matters more complex, this is a curvy road, and vehicles and pedestrians are often not visible until one is already upon them. That’s why a rule is in place to include a 30 MPH speed limit, and why our security service is tasked with enforcing that limit from our guardhouse to Southside Boulevard.

We’ve made every effort to make this road a safe and attractive one to travel; so, for the benefit of everyone, slow down to 30 MPH, enjoy the scenery, and ask your guests to do the same.