We Need You!!

We need to find people who would like to help keep Deercreek one of the premiere communities in Northeast Florida. We need residents to step forward and volunteer to show their community spirit by running for the board or join a committee. Openings are available for Common Property and the Architectural Review Board.

The Board is responsible for running the Deercreek Country Club Owners Association (DCCOA). This means establishing the budget, working with the various committees and the management company to keep the Association running smoothly, and attending the monthly Board meetings. The Board meetings generally run between one and a half to two and a half hours long. Board members are also expected to serve as liaisons to one of the committees, which generally meet once a month. Committees meet once a month and do the ground work for future projects, as well as the community’s day to day operations. As you can see, the effort is not burdensome. The reward for this gift of your time comes from knowing that you are doing something to maintain and improve your community.

So how do you get involved? Please contact either Margie Blake or Carol D’Onofrio.