Understanding HOA Covenants

As proud homeowners in Deercreek, we have all made the decision to live in a community with a Homeowner’s Association (HOA). The reasons we made this decision are varied but really fall into three categories. First, we enjoy the added security of a gated community that is only available in premier areas. Second, we recognize an increased quality of life by living in such a beautiful area. Deercreek offers resort style living, complete with Country Club and golf course. Walking through the neighborhood, you can enjoy the well maintained homes and quality landscaping amongst the lush natural preserves. Third, and as a direct result of the other two, living in a well-run HOA community should increase property values as compared to other neighborhoods.

From the point of view of past and current elected members of the Board, and the huge host of volunteers that help with all the day to day activities, the objective of the HOA is to protect our considerable financial investment. This is done by judiciously allocating our quarterly dues to responsible and reasonably priced vendors that will perform quality services in a consistent manner. Historically, a financially secure and well run HOA provides everyone with a better place to live and, if possible, increases our home values. To achieve these community objectives, each of us has agreed to live with a set of written Covenants and Rules for the community.

Let’s face it, our HOA is our best friend when it prevents a neighbor from painting their house bright pink with neon green trim, or puts a stop to cars racing through the neighborhood. But, we may feel differently when we get a letter from property management for Covenant or Rule violations. Consider some of the most common violations found in Deercreek:

  • Trash/yard cans at the curb too early or left out too late
  • Unkempt landscaping - dead bushes, tall weeds in bed and grass, brown spots in grass, yards not mowed or edged, weeds growing up the side of house
  • Incomplete Landscape – beds not filled in with bushes and flowers, missing mulch or mulch not HOA approved
  • Mildew stains on the roof, fascia, chimney
  • Fences – broken, gates not working, mildewed
  • Trees – needing trimming or dead ones removed
  • Paint – stucco, garages, gutters, facia,
  • Driveways/Sidewalks – branches or bushes encroaching, lifted sidewalks that create safety hazards, mildewed/cracked
  • Seasonal items left in yard or on house such as lights

Some of these violations may sound nitpicky to you but consider that with the number of homes in our community, collectively, these violations can have the effect of making things look a bit sloppy, a little old, run-down, tired, and a little less pleasant of a place to live. Maybe potential buyers see this when they drive through our community to look at our homes for sale? In other words, violations can actually have an adverse effect on our property values.

So, when you get a letter from property management pointing out a violation or asking you to perform some maintenance items…please remember:

  • The Covenants and Rules apply to everyone in the neighborhood
  • You agreed to these Covenants and Rules the day you purchased your home.
  • If you see violations elsewhere in the neighborhood chances are good that the property management company is on top of them.
  • If you don’t agree with or understand the violation notice contact the property management company immediately as the remedy clock continues to tick. Ignoring the notice will not make it go away.
  • The Covenant Enforcement committee meets the third Thursday of every month at the club house and are there to hear your fine appeals. They are experienced and dedicated to listening to each resident’s explanation and making a fair and unbiased decision.
  • In many cases, violations entail a small fine and can be handled quickly and easily. Some violations require more of a hands-on approach, either your hands or possibly a professional’s. Ask a neighbor for their favorite maintenance companies or check out the Resident Referral page on our website that includes a fairly comprehensive list of service vendors all of which have been personally endorsed by residents. Most of us have used outside services for home improvement projects at one time or another. By keeping up with maintenance and being keenly aware of the Covenants and Rules, each of us is helping to preserve the safety, high quality of life and property values in our neighborhood.

A full copy of the Covenants, Rules and Regulations, and ARB required policies of Deercreek can be found on the website under DCCOA Documents. Please take a moment to review these items if you have not done so, to help you avoid getting that dreaded violation letter.