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Tuesday, February 27 at 10am "Creating a Terrarium"

The first terrarium was developed by botanist Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward in 1842 to transport plant specimens from Britain to Australia and keep them alive during the month’s long journey. But soon they became ornate creations proudly displayed in all the posh Victorian parlors. They have gone in and out of style ever since. It may be time to bring them back once again!

We’ve asked Amelia Bifano from the fabulous Rockaway Garden Center to show us how to create terrariums for our homes. There is a science behind the construction and the plants used, so come and see what will work for you. Do you want to make a Fairy Garden for your grandkids or a grownup version with tropical plants and maybe a quartz stone to look like a waterfall? With retirement and travel my house plants all withered from neglect and were replaced with *GASP* silk orchids!! I’m thinking this may be a way to have real plants again!

This meeting is sure to pull you out of the February Funk and start you planning for Spring. Stay for lunch and make new friends. We’re a cheerful group and always happy to see new faces.

If you are new to Deercreek or haven’t joined any of the groups in the neighborhood, come and try us out and check the schedule of monthly programs. We often stay for lunch together after the meetings, so you can get to know your neighbors. Call our Membership Chairs, Carol D’Onofrio 519-0924 or Karen Rutland 219-4135 for more information.