Tuesday August 27 Golden Acorn Award Luncheon

Deercreek Home and Garden Club
Tuesday August 27 11:30 am

The Home and Garden Club begins its new year with a luncheon to honor this year’s Golden Acorn Award, Cary Flynn. If you are a fan of hers, you’ll want to attend to show her how much you have appreciated all her enthusiastic work for Deercreek. Please RSVP to Brenda Edwards at 629-0133 or Brenda.c.edwards@comcast.net by August 23 to reserve your spot, since we hope to fill the room!

Over the summer the Programs Committee has been working to put together the schedule of programs and events for the coming year and we will hand them out at the luncheon so that you can put them on your calendar.

Sharon Coleman, Catherine Wood and Julia Watkins are returning as President, Vice-President and Treasurer. Paige Yauger and Jill Cole are new additions to the Board as Co-Secretaries. Our Committee Chairs are: Appreciation Luncheon – Debi Gifford and Marcia Rose; Communications - Patty Tomka; Deercreek View - Pam Kinevan; Door Prizes – Linda Robinson; Fashion Show – Cary Flynn, Eileen Katibah, Julie Howell, Julia Watkins, Shelly Bingham, Sharon Coleman and Patty Tomka; Guard Gate Landscaping – Lorraine Clancy and Anne Kleuppel; Golden Acorn Award – Shelly Bingham; Historian – Nancy Jantz and Pam Overbay; Hospitality – Christine Middlebrook and Kathy Kleppinger; Membership – Julie Howell and Paula Soehlig; Nominations – Catherine Wood; Programs – Brenda Edwards and Natalie Jackson; Sunshine – Maryann Grauwiler.

If you are new to the neighborhood, come and see what we are planning for the year. You may want to make suggestions or help on one of the committees. We usually stay after the programs to have lunch together to get to know our neighbors. If you have questions, contact Julie Howell, our Membership Chair, at 519-8005.