The View-May 2015

By Connie Davis & Rita Allen
Ruth Chastain’s Legacy

Our Deercreek gardens were in glorious bloom last month, and we all appreciated the planning and work of our neighbors as we enjoyed each trip from our own home to Southside Blvd. Unfortunately, few residents see one of the loveliest azalea beds, on the shore of Heather Lake. When the Club Homes were built in the mid 1990’s, houses circled the lake except at the south end, which bordered the nature preserve.

Ruth Chastain, an avid gardener, moved there in 1995, her house one away from the untidy forest. With the encouragement of neighbors Gil and Nancy Gilroy, Ruth took on the project of clearing and planting the area. She prided herself on spending nothing but her own effort, growing plants from cuttings, and sourcing mulch from the forest to dress the beds. The Gilroys and Mike and Sue Akel, whose properties lie nearest the garden, arranged for water to be made available, and others whose houses border Heather Lake have contributed to the cost of the water. Ruth passed away in 2010, but she is remembered fondly each spring when her azaleas are in bloom. Thank you, Ruth, and thanks to all our Deercreek neighbors whose gardens bring us pleasure every day.