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The View July 2016

Anne and Robert Klueppel
11214 Chester Lake Road West 

A brick house surrounded by natural beds with beautiful flowering plants, shrubs and trees caught my eye. Then a quick stroll to the back of the house opened my eyes even wider. Situated off the wetlands is a beautifully manicured lush lawn. Plants of every variety abound and each section had clusters of unique showy plants as well as a bird feeder, bird bath and statuary. Some of the varieties include Mexican heather, trumpet plant, Penta, vinca, Cana and Easter lilies, sabal palms, croton, coleus, blue daze, azalea, cut leaf philodendron, elephant ear, and hydrangeas. Birds find this mini everglades a wonderful place to visit in this natural habitat.

Thank you to Anne and Robert for the care, time and energy they have put into their yard.