The View - December 2014

Ana Soltero
7950 McLaurin Road North

Near the quiet end of McLaurin Road North, there is a dove gray home on a wide lot backed by the nature preserve. Three tall palms center the front island, with plantings in subtle shades and textures of green at their feet.

The black, textured roof makes a strong statement above, and expansive paving leads from the front in a graceful curve around to garages at the far left.

Sagos frame the front door where in the spring, azaleas bloom in pink and white. At this time of year, the neatly trimmed and well-planned beds need no additional color to be interesting.

Ana Soltero and her three adult children have lived in the home for sixteen years, and Ana feels it is the most convenient place she can imagine. She has enhanced the property in recent years with the pavers and roof replacement, and credits her landscape service for the perfection of the greenery.

This is an elegant home in a beautiful setting.