The Kiwanis Club of Deerceek

The Kiwanis Club of Deerceek, a service organization whose goal is helping the children of the world, meets each Wednesday at noon in the Deercreek Country Club Clubhouse. Perhaps you have noticed, board member, Pete Gentry, enjoying lunch with a few friends you do not recognize.

That would be the Kiwanis Club of Deercreek, just one of the many similar clubs throughout 80 countries in the world. The mission of Kiwanis International is to change the world by serving its children and in a broader scope the many people who need encouragement and assistance, both in the United States and abroad.

A member of Kiwanis International for more than 40 years, Gentry says that the key areas of service for the Deerceek Club are key clubs at Darnell-Cookman School of the Medical Arts and Christ Church Academy. Over 100 high schoolers are involved in developing leadership skills while they learn about service to their community.

"As a joint community service project, we also meet quarterly for trash pick-up on Southside Blvd between Philips Highway and Belle River Blvd with the help of some of our key clubbers," he said.

On behalf of the club membership, President Barb Harshman invites Deercreek residents to join the group for lunch any time. For more information, contact Pete at (904-612-4999) or email,