Thanks to Our Helper Elves!!

A huge thank you to our helper Elves of 2017 who made the Season possible. Wesley and Haley Loveless spent many hours over the holidays helping Carson and I put up our Christmas decorations, we could not have done it without them. Andrew Tabor also helped again for his third year going, he carries all of the HEAVY stuff up into the attic. These fellows will also be helping us take things down at the end of the season.

During this time, Wesley got to take me fishing in his secret spot and I watched him catch a BIG one, over seven pounds! Wesley and Haley also met Santa Claus this year as you can see. We simply could not have been able to get everything done without the help of our neighborhood kids. Even our golf Pro, K. W. Godwin used to help decorate over seventeen years ago.

Happiest New Year to all and THANK YOU!