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Thank You!

Every year it becomes harder and harder to put into words how grateful we are to live in a neighborhood that is as filled with compassion as Deercreek is! This year’s peanut butter and jelly drive for the Mandarin Food Bank, not only broke last year’s record, but also brought in lots of other food items that are going to make summer better for families of children staying home alone. We not only collected 249 jars of peanut butter, 116 jars of jelly and 46 tubs of oatmeal but also lots of canned food, ramen noodles, tuna, toiletries, LOTS of brand new books and even some puppy dog treats!! And no one wanted to take credit for their donations! How awesome is that?

Finally, the only words that come to mind are not fancy or overstated. They are heartfelt and sincere: THANK YOU, Deercreek and the DEERCREEK WOMEN’S ALLIANCE! You’re truly are the heart of our community!