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Storm water drains are part of our Homeowner Association liabilities

As could be noted in the picture, this drain is covered with pine needles/debris. The debris gets into the drainage system, clogs the drain, often causing the drain to back up into the street when it rains. There are numerous drains around the community that look like this.

Unfortunately when drains are impacted, the Homeowners Association pays the bill for getting them fixed; it is not the city's responsibility. It is very costly for our community to eventually clean out the entire drains from years of debris build-up (from grass clippings, leaves, bottles etc). We have over ten miles of roads and accompanying drainage system. In addition, whatever goes into the drains ends up in the lakes - this includes grass clippings that Lawn maintenance / Yard service workers blow into the lakes.

With that in mind please help us; if there is a drain located on or near your home / property, please check that it is clear at all times. Don't let it build up like in the picture above. Please advise your Lawn maintenance / Yard service professionals not to blow grass clippings or leaves down the drains. This is your community, please take pride in ownership and help maintain the pristine look of the community.