Saladmaster ‘Lunch and Learn’

10 am Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Saladmaster introduced their first ‘Food Processor’ in 1946 to efficiently slice and shred a variety of foods, getting them ready for fresh, flavorful meals. It had a hand grinder with multiple cutting blades to zip through tough, dense vegetable or soft, delicate fruits. And it still works beautifully. As the company grew they added more products, starting with cookware made in the USA with heavy duty stainless steel, then detachable handles and semi-vacuum cooking. All of these reduce food prep and cooking time while doubling your nutritional intake.

Lori Gibson, a Saladmaster Consultant, is coming to Deercreek to do a cooking demonstration and educational presentation. And we all get to taste samples of whatever she is making! We are all trying to eat clean and healthy and can use any help we can get. Well, Lori can help! She has recipes and ideas for quick, delicious meals!

We’ve also invited Leslie Jewett to bring her design line of jewelry and accessories so that we can get a start on Holiday shopping. She has items from $20 to $400 and there will be something for everyone on your list! Preview her line at She is giving us 10% of the sales so we can get some pieces for our Silent Auction at the Fashion Show in March. Bring your fashionista friends. They will thank you!

For more information about the Deercreek Home and Garden Club you can call Anne Klueppel at 519-5368. The new Program Schedule for 2016-2017 is out and you’ll want to put these meetings on your calendar so you won’t miss any of the fun.

Next up is a Field Trip on Wednesday, November 15 to EcoRelics where they ‘Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose’ home, building and architectural salvage. Check out to see what they do.