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Road Paving Project Update June 20, 2018

The road paving project represents one of the most complicated projects Deercreek has tackled and is most certainly the biggest expenditure in our community’s history. As a reminder, the project requires paving 11.2 miles of road with 34 cul de sacs at a cost of approximately $2 million dollars. The ad hoc Road Paving Committee is comprised of a team of very knowledgeable and experienced residents, led by Danny Becton, and who have volunteered their valuable time to this project. Working together and with a smattering of industry subject matter experts, this group created extraordinary detailed specifications to ensure a high quality end product with minimal interruption to residents.

As communicated in the March 24, 2018 email, the committee has been meeting regularly preparing and finalizing the very detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) as well as to ascertain which reputable local companies were to receive the RFP. A total of five (5) were actually chosen to bid and the results of those RFPs have been received, organized and compiled so a clear comparison could be made. Out of the five RFP’s, the committee narrowed it down to two companies. Face to face meetings have been scheduled with each company over the next two weeks.

Subsequent to these meetings, the final numbers and information will be analyzed and discussed one last time; the Committee will make a final recommendation and present to the Board for a vote at the July meeting. Once the Board approves the selected company, the project start date will be established; an August or, at the latest, September timeframe is likely.

The RFP for Phase 1 calls for the entire loop of our community to be repaved with the artery streets (excluding Edgewater) following over the course of one to three years in separate phases. During implementation, traffic flow will need to be altered but should have a minimal impact given how quickly asphalt dries. All information related to the timing and traffic flow will be communicated to residents in advance of the actual paving.

Please stay tuned for more information on this important project. In the interim, contact Danny Becton or any of the other committee members if you have any questions.