Road Paving Project Implementation

November 2018

The Ad Hoc Road Paving Committee (RPC) has concluded its work for the selection of contractors and has now begun the Project Management phase. In addition to establishing staging and scheduling time frames, the movement of traffic within our community is being given serious thought and consideration, especially during the Gate House paver installation phase.

The RPC has indicated the entire project is to be completed in three phases - the first phase will be the ribbon curbing and curb modification, the second phase will consist of milling and paving and the third phase will include the Gate House paver installation. Phase 1 is expected to begin in late November and take two weeks, Phase 2 should start in December and be completed prior to the holidays. Phase 3 will start in January 2019 after the holidays and the number of guest and vendor visits decline.

Traffic will definitely be impacted during all three phases; during the first two phases, one-half of the road will remain open for residents to traverse, albeit very slowly, while the other repaved half is drying. Because asphalt is very fast drying, residents should be able to drive on the repaved road later the same day.

It is likely Deercreek Club Road and Vineyard Lake Road will be temporarily switched to one-way only during Phase 1 and 2, thus residents will need to allow extra time to get in and out of the community.

During all phases, at various times, the McLaurin gate, which is the access to the west of the Club House and is always locked, will be open. Minimally, all large vehicles involved in the project will be required to enter and exit the community through this gate. The Board has approved the temporary hiring of a third Security Officer to assist our other two officers during the implementation phase and to ensure both Gates are properly manned. The third roving Security Officer will be enforcing the lowered speed limits and monitor proper traffic flow. Phase 3, the Gate House paver installation, will require a different and more significant traffic flow pattern which will include using the McLaurin gate as the neighborhood’s primary exit. Phase 3, detailed information will be provided in late December/early January.

Residents will be kept well informed via email and, to a lesser extent the electronic sign board, of changes to traffic patterns before and during all phases. Specific dates and detailed traffic flow instructions will be provided and all residents should understand and abide by these notices, including lowered speed limits. For your family and neighbors safety, it is very important that ALL residents be signed up to receive every HOA email.  Please go to our website at and sign up today or send an email to and ask to be added to the HOA email database.

Look for more detailed information about this project and please share with neighbors and friends during the entire process so everyone stays safe and the project is not impeded by misinformed drivers.

The Board, again, thanks Danny Becton and all the members of the Road Paving committee for their valuable time and effort on this project; they have volunteered countless personal hours to keep Deercreek one of the premier communities in our area.