Road Paving Project Approved

As we all know, Deercreek is a private community with private roadways, not maintained by the City; our roadways consist of approximately 11.2 miles of asphalt paved roads, including 34 cul-de-sacs. The life of asphalt paving is approximately 15 to 20 years. Deercreek, in its 30-year history, has never had its roads totally redone – they have been overlaid, micro surfaced and patched. Once completed, the road paving project will provide the look and quality feel of a brand-new community.

This project is, by far, the most expensive in the history of our community. It required the creation of an ad hoc committee of experienced leaders spending countless hours meeting, planning, interviewing, discussing, and comparing all the necessary information to determine which vendor would perform this important work for our community.

The Road Paving committee completed their assessments and, based on the comparison of the two finalists as part of the Request for Proposal (RFP) process, their recommendation was approved by the Deercreek Board of Directors at the July 26th meeting whereby Duval Asphalt was awarded the work.

Duval Asphalt is a major company in the industry and does paving throughout Florida in both commercial and residential markets as well as for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). They are a local Jacksonville company with their corporate office and facilities located on Philips Hwy just north of Baymeadows Road. More information on Duval Asphalt can be found at:

The Deercreek road paving project will include the following:

  • Milling and paving beginning at Southside Blvd both into and out of the community and through the gatehouse continuing on both sides of the roadway for the entire loop of Deercreek Club Road and Vineyard Lake Road, “The Circle”. The milling and paving of this area of the community will be considered Phase I of II. The rest of the community roads will be completed in the same fashion in coming years.
  • In both natural areas, installation of cement (ribbon curb) on all sides of the roadway will be performed to reinforce the road edging thereby eliminating erosion and to provide for a solid edging that will give the roadways in those areas a finished look. The ribbon curbing will extend the entire length of those roads without curb and gutter in a width of about 12 inches where the road is currently in poor condition and need of repair.
  • All road stripping for stop signs, cart path and reflectors for fire hydrant and cart paths will be reinstalled. Thermoplastic stripping will be used for a long-lasting installation of these marked areas.
  • The speed bumps at the guard house will not be reinstalled. Only if this becomes an issue in the future will speed deterrent measures be re-addressed. The project includes modifications that will help in slowing traffic in and around the gatehouse area.
  • The guard house outside curbing will be altered coming in and going out of the community. The roadway curbing in those areas will be narrowed slightly by bringing in the curb and gutter to eliminate the need for those unsightly sawhorses and creating a single lane. Narrowing is a common speed deterrent practice within DOT standards as it visually causes drivers to slow down at approach to pass through safely.
  • Instead of replacing asphalt, pavers will be installed around the guard house roof line area providing an upgraded look as residents and visitors come and go from our community. It should also provide an additional layer of speed deterrent based on the paver pattern.

The Board approved all recommendations made by the Road Paving committee for a cost not to exceed $960,000 and also approved up to $15,000 for a qualified professional to oversee the quality control aspect of the project from start to finish. The RFP for this role has not been awarded yet; the Road Paving committee is continuing its work and will be making a recommendation to the Board before the project begins.

The Deercreek Country Club Owners Association Board is proud to announce that this work, in addition to the remaining road paving in coming years, WILL NOT REQUIRE A SPECIAL ASSESSMENT! Based on the solid fiscal policies of current and previous boards in the accrual of reserve dollars, the project was planned and is fully funded.

Once the contract is signed, work will commence in approximately six weeks for the mill and paving. The ribbon curbing installation will begin much sooner as its needs to be completed prior to the paving process. It is estimated that it will only take approximately two weeks to complete all work, baring weather conditions.

As dates for the various stages of this project are established, residents will be sent an email. During specific events, like the installation of the pavers and the mill and paving activities, there will be definite traffic flow modifications that will require all vehicles to travel on a single lane. During this time, there will be no on-street parking allowed in specific restricted paving areas.

Please be advised that email and the sign board will be the primary means of communication by which all residents will be notified. Please stay informed and pay close attention to daily notifications of the work and work areas that will be affected so as not to impede Duval’s progress. Every effort will be made to curtail the impact as much as possible to you and the community.

The DCCOA Board sincerely thanks each of the Road Paving Committee members for their tremendous effort and valuable time spent on this project. The detailed RFP they created allowed the committee to solicit the best companies in Jacksonville for the highest quality end result. The RFP will be used again for the remaining phases of the project. Sincere thanks and much appreciation for their significant contributions to Danny Becton, Chair, Frank Teunge, Skip Yauger, Carol D’Onofrio, Gordon Spottswood, Tommy Walter and Sadia Sindhu.

Deercreek Board of Directors