Road Paving Project has Begun

The repaving of all of our roads in Deercreek is, by far, the single largest expenditure our community will incur and, most certainly, the most complicated project of any we might undergo. As such, in February the Board approved the formation of an ad hoc committee to research and discuss issues, interview contractors, make recommendations for Board approval, and oversee this important project. The Road Paving Committee is comprised of Danny Becton, Chair, Skip Yauger, Gordon Spottswood, Frank Tuenge, Sadia Sindhu, Tommy Walter,  and Carol D’Onofrio..

The project to repave 11.2 miles of road with 34 cul de sacs involves preparation of a Request for Proposal (RFP) which is the document that includes all the details and specifications of the project such as the density of the asphalt, milling, curbing, testing intervals, stripping, reflectors, warranty terms, etc. The finalized RFP will be sent to three of the top Jacksonville asphalt contractors selected by the committee and, in return, each of the three contractors will tell us how much their company will charge to complete the work exactly as indicated in the RFP. In addition, as part of the RFP, the committee will determine what level, if any, an independent engineer is needed and, if so, at what stage and how frequently.

The total cost of the project is expected to be in the $2 million range. Our reserve account currently has funds that have been earmarked specifically for the road paving project; however, to fund the entire cost, a portion of our quarterly dues that have been allocated to road paving within the reserve account will continue over the next three years. It is anticipated, although not finalized, that the entire neighborhood will be repaved in three separate phases, one phase per year. Taking into account traffic flow, esthetics, and cost, the committee will, in concert with the contractor, determine the areas to be paved in each phase.

The committee has met twice since its formation and has been focused on creating the specifications for the RFP. One well-known and reputable asphalt company was invited to attend the second meeting to provide more detailed information to the committee and to gain a better understanding of what was involved in the project. They were also asked to provide detailed documentation to assist the committee in creating the RFP. They observed that our roads are generally in good condition, thanks to the micro-surfacing done in the recent past, but there are some that need further review.

Next steps include contacting two other well-known and reputable asphalt companies to ask that they drive through our community and provide feedback. Marsh Landing will also provide a sample RFP; all RFPs will be reviewed by the committee.

The committee agreed that the pot holes at the front of the neighborhood should be fixed outside of the paving project and Marsh Landing has made arrangements to have the pot holes fixed in the next week or so.

The Road Paving Committee will meet on a regular basis and information will be provided as it becomes available. Please contact Danny Becton or any of the other committee members if you have any questions.