Regular Meeting - 'Are Allergies Eating You Alive?'

April 28 - 10 am at the Club

Many of us are finding that we are developing allergies to things that never bothered us before. What is happening? Are we allergic to Florida? Is the food supply being tainted with GMOs, hormones and hidden sugar? Are we just getting old and our bodies are rebelling at all the junk we've been eating? We've asked a Doctor from Mayo Clinic, Arveen Kaur Thethi, M.D., to come and talk to us about Food Allergies. She specializes in Food Allergies, Asthma, Sinusitis, and Drug Allergies so she will be able to offer some answers to help us figure out how to have healthy lifestyles and stop having troublesome allergic reactions to everyday foods. Come for this meeting and stay for lunch at the Club. Chef Shawn has been working on allergy free menus so we can all enjoy living in Deercreek - without being eaten alive!