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Happy April Fool’s Day! Enjoy the fun tricks on this day, yet don’t be a fool when it comes to one of your biggest investments – your house! Spring is prime season for termites which can cause significant damage over time. Some common signs of a termite infestation include mud tubes on the exterior of the home; soft wood in the home that sounds hollow when tapped; and discarded wings near doors or on windowsills. If you think you notice these or other signs of termite activity or have damage, contact a pest professional.

As a professional realtor, I constantly monitor the market to stay informed about activity. Only 9 homes in Deercreek are currently for sale, according to the 2/27/19 NEFMLS. Homes for sale range in price from $410,000 (10136 Deercreek Club) to $627,500 (8028 Weatherby). The homes have been on the market an average of 62 days. There are 6 homes under contract and range in price from $355,000 to $649,900. They range in size from 1904 sq ft to 3463 sq ft and have been on the market from 36 to 179 days. 6 homes sold and closed during the last 3 months: 9941 Margate Hills ($300,000); 10063 Heather Lake Ct W ($380,000); 10037 Deercreek Club Rd ($385,000); 10307 Cypress Lakes ($500,000); 9950 Deercreek Club Rd ($680,000); and 10083 Vineyard Lake Rd ($725,000). The homes were on the market an average of 57 days, yet the days on market ranged from 2 – 108 days. The sales price per sf ranged from $120.24 to $165.79, and averaged $150.99.

Spring typically starts an increased selling period for real estate, as well as pests. Don’t be caught off guard by increased pests in your yard or in your home, especially termites. Take the time in April to look for signs of damage and keep your home in top condition!