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March offers warmer temperatures and springtime. We love being outside to garden (well, maybe some of us), but also look forward to revamping the interior of our homes, as well. One trend in 2019 is light-colored wood floors, which reflect more light, and can transition from casual to luxurious. Another trend is painted cabinets in deep blues, grays and black, which are dominating both modern and traditional designs. Some of these top trends update your home immediately; yet, be thoughtful as you apply the latest trends. If you love it, go for it. If you are hesitant, try other ways to update your home with trendy furniture, rugs, pillows or lighting which can update without great expense.

7 homes sold in Deercreek during the last 3 months. The lowest price home sold for $300,000 (9941 Margate Hills) and the most expensive was $725,000 (10083 Vineyard Lake Rd). The homes were on the market an average of 58 days, yet ranged from 2 – 108 days. The sales price per sf ranged from $120.24 to $165.79, and averaged $150.46. Buyers paid from 91 - 98% of the list price for their new homes.

There are 10 homes for sale, according to the 1/29/19 NEFMLS. Homes for sale range in price from $355,000 (7809 Heather Lake Rd) to $649,900 (10015 Watermark). The homes have been on the market an average of 70 days, with 8249 Bay Tree Ln the longest at 187 days.

We all like to be on top of new trends. Try some out in your home. Whether big or small changes, it will make you feel like it’s a new space in your home. Deercreek is undergoing some updates with new roads, and the Club is updating its facilities. Shouldn’t you consider updates, too?