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    Welcome to December with its merry and cheer - parties, office gatherings, Secret Santas, and most importantly, family and friends!  As you visit new spaces, what ideas can you use in your home.  Is it a new paint color, or the addition of classic wood trim?  How about changing a furniture arrangement, or even creating an outdoor living space?

    There are currently 17 homes on the market, according to the 10/28/19 NEFMLS.  Priced from $397,000 to $799,000, the homes range in size from 2218 to 5092 square feet.  The list price per square foot ranges from $127.84 to $191.61. These homes have been on the market from 18 to 270 days.

    Twelve homes sold in Deercreek over the last 3 months.  The sales price per square foot ranged from $132.53 to $176.15.  Price per square foot is only a starting point in calculating market prices.  Comps are analyzed by individual features: updated kitchens, bathrooms or flooring; 3 car garage vs 2 car; pool vs no pool; lot location; exterior living with patio and/or summer kitchen. Homes with the same floor plan will sell for different prices due to some of these variations. Additionally, the housing and interest markets at the time of your sale will also have an impact. The most recent closing was 10384 Cypress Lakes Dr which sold for $535,000 and was on the market 152 days.  Currently, 2 homes are under contract - 8249 Bay Tree listed at $575,000, and 8252 Bay Tree listed at $474,900.  Through October, 30 homes have sold in Deercreek during 2019.

    It is a great time to reflect on the past year and the great memories you have.  Looking forward to 2020, what changes will you make?  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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