PACE Center for Girls

For those new to the neighborhood and not familiar with one of our charities, PACE Center for Girls is a Florida-based, nationally recognized not-for-profit organization that provides non-residential, prevention, intervention, and diversion services for girls and young women of middle and high school age.PACE uses a comprehensive and holistic model that integrates social services, education and career readiness in a safe, gender-responsive environment that reflects an understanding of the lives of girls, and responds in their strengths and challenges.

The mission is to provide girls and young women an opportunity for a better future through education, counseling, training and advocacy.

There are many volunteer opportunities at the center. However, our main focus in on Mrs. Mary's Boutique. Since the girls come from low-income homes, Mrs. Mary's Boutique provides a way for the girls to "buy" items with points they've earned through grades, good deeds, and class attendance. Mrs. Mary's Boutique occurs generally every six weeks. Donations needed are: age appropriate clothing, shoes, purses, accessories such as jewelry, nail polish, and toiletries. Please note that these items are for are teenagers.

Pulling off Mrs. Mary's Boutique is a BIG undertaking.Wednesday is spent setting up, sorting and organizing the many donated items. Thursday is shopping day and volunteers help the girls pick out items and ready them to be taken home. Then items left need to be packed and put away.Volunteers are always needed for these two days.About two hours of your time is so much appreciated.

Recently, PACE Center for Girls held a Prom for the high school girls. Many of you donated items for this event as well as helped the girls shop for that special dress and accessories. It was a lot of fun watching the girls try on different dresses and seeing the expressions on their faces when they found that perfect dress.

We are happy to be donating $1500.00 to this wonderful organization. With that money, items such as new clothes and shoe racks are purchased.There may be another day, just like last year, when the girls get properly sized and receive new bras. The Alliance was able to do this for the girls, and it was so very much needed. For more information on the PACE Center for Girls, contact Vicki Khan at 519-7722.