Notes from the Property Manager


We ask that you be courteous to your neighbors and keep your dogs on a leash. We know that your dog may be harmless, but we need to make sure all homeowners feel safe. Also, please pick up after your pets. No one would like to have the luck of stepping into something unpleasant.

 Satellite Dishes

Please verify that your satellite dishes are being installed in the correct locations. Your satellite dish must be located on the rear fascia board of your home with NO exposed wires.

Architectural Control – All Improvements subject to Approval.

No buildings, structures, walls, fences, pools, pool screens, patios, paving, driveways, satellite dishes, sidewalks, signs, basketball goals, landscaping, planting, irrigation, landscape device or object, or other improvements of any kinds, nature or description, whether purely decorative, functional or otherwise, shall be commenced, constructed, erected, made, placed, installed or maintained upon any of the Properties or Common Area, nor shall any change or addition to or alteration or remodeling of the exterior of any previously approved building, structures, or other improvements of any kind, including, without limitation, the painting of the same (other than painting, with the same color and type of paint which previously existed) shall be made or undertaken upon any properties or Common area except in compliance and conformance with and pursuant to plans and specifications therefor which shall first have been submitted to and reviewed and approved in writing by the ARB.  For ARB Applications please contact Kimberly Tourville at or her direct line at 904-448-3637.