New Garage Enforcement Policy

As noted in the Board's previous minutes - the HOA has decided to enforce the Garage Enforcement Policy as written in the CC&R's and relaxed in recently adopted Rule 20-B of the Deercreek Rules and Regulations.

Garages are expected to be used for the housing of vehicles to minimize the number of vehicles parked on the driveway. Accordingly, the Board has adopted the requirement that Members, or their tenants, must garage park: not less than 1-vehicle if the house has a 2-car garage; not less than 2 vehicles if the house has a 3-car garage; and, not less than 3-vehicles if the house has a 4-car garage. Golf carts shall be considered a vehicle for purposes herein. Parking of vehicles on a grassed area is prohibited. Daytime street parking is permitted provided such parking does not block the flow of traffic. Overnight street parking (a car parked on the street after 2:00 am) is prohibited. Parking violations will be subject to a $25.00 fine per occurrence.

Enforcement will start October 1st and we appreciate your cooperation in adhering to all the Deercreek CC &R's and Rules and Regulations for Deercreek to remain a premier housing neighborhood in Jacksonville.

Entrance Gate Repairs : 
A Member or house renter who breaks the gate barrier upon entering or exiting the community shall be responsible for the repair or replacement cost of the gate barrier. Please use caution when approaching the gate to avoid collision.