May Luncheon - New Board and Book Exchange

“Many hands make light work”_ John Heywood might have been talking about our Deercreek Home and Garden Club when he said that. We get a lot done and always have fun doing it together! At our May luncheon we inducted the new Board and had a Book Exchange that left everyone with a smile and a new book.

The 2017-2018 Board

President  Cary Flynn

Vice President Maryann Grauwiler

Treasurer Sharon Coleman

Secretaries Paula Soehlig & Catherine Wood

Appreciation Lunch for Maintenance Crew Debi Gifford & Marcia Rose

Communications Patty Tomka

Christmas Party Phyllis Basford

Deercreek View Carol D’Onofrio & Dena Grossman

Door Prizes  Faye Hyken & Adele Kunzweiler

Fashion Show Cary Flynn, Maryann Grauwiler, Julie Howell, Eileen Katibah &

Cheryl Stokes

Game Day Linda George & Carla Hill

Gatehouse Window Boxes Lorraine Clancy & Anne Kleuppel

Historian Nancy Jantz

Holiday Lights and Gate Connie Davis, Sandy Montgomery & Julie Howell

Hospitality Arlene McDermott & Karen Mueller

Membership Carol D’Onofrio & Karen Rutland

Nominations Maryann Grauwiler

Programs Nancy Abercrombie & Reena Chadha

Special Projects Carol D’Onofrio, Marcia Rose, Sandy Montgomery, Cary Flynn & Maryann Grauwiler

If you weren’t a member this year, you missed many interesting programs: Using Essential Oils, Nutritional Eating, a Chalk Painting Demonstration, learning about keeping our ‘Urban Forest’ healthy and a Kitchen Design and Remodeling program, showcasing some of our members’ kitchens. We had field trips to EcoRelics, showing us how to reuse, recycle and repurpose. And we took a walking tour through downtown Jacksonville that was filled with fascinating stories and hidden treasures. And after each of the meetings, we would spend time having lunch and getting to know each other better. Check out our webpage and photo albums at:

If this sounds like a group you would like to join, please come to one of our meetings or call Carol D’Onofrio 519-0924 or Karen Rutland 219-4135 to ask about membership. We would love to see new faces, and maybe you would like to get your hands busy doing something for your Deercreek community.