March Board of Director Highlights

*Official minutes of the March BOD meeting will be available after approval by the BOD.

The DCCOA Board of Directors assembled at Deercreek Country Club on Thursday, March 29, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. for a regularly scheduled meeting. In attendance were Sadia Sindhu, Don Gibbens, Christine Bell, Stannye Baringer and Gordon Spottswood. Paige Frakes, Pete Gentry and Frank Tuenge were not in attendance. Doug Scott and Deidra Philips represented Marsh Landing. There were approximately 7 residents in attendance.


One nomination to fill the vacated 2 year remaining term was made: John Robinson. A vote was taken and John was appointed to the Board.


John Robinson:          Covenant Enforcement
Pete Gentry:               Architectural Review Board


Karen Miracle:            Communications
Linda Robinson:         Finance
John Tomka:               Finance
Sean Kilker:                 CEC



Actual Income EOM Feb:       $90,771
Actual Expenses EOM Feb:    $95,900

Coupon Book expenditure of $2338 and General Legal Service expenditure of $1033 were not in the 2018 budget.  

Actual Income YTD Feb:         $179,863
Actual Expenses YTD Feb:      $190,539
Aged Receivables:     $28,364

The reserve account balance in February is $1,434,063.

The landscape budget was reviewed with the Common Property committee to assist in a better understanding of the numbers and how to account for expenditures.  

It was recommended that the budget and financials be forwarded to all committee chairs and liaisons so they can be more informed of their numbers as it pertains to the budget.

The Finance committee requests that all committees inform them of future expenditures whether it is operating or reserve projects that are not in the current operating budget. All projects that anticipate funding from reserves must also be provided to the Finance committee prior to any commitment of funds. The Finance committee will in turn provide information to the BOD for their approval. Committees need not seek Finance committee’s approval of their project; Finance simply validates the funding ability for the activity. As a reminder, monies cannot be spent by a committee without BOD approval unless it’s part of the Operating Budget. Each Board Liaison is responsible to assist its committee in understanding its budgeted and non-budgeted activities.

All committees must be judicious when spending money and only spend money currently approved in the budget or by the BOD.

Reserve study will be reviewed again to ensure that all projects in the reserve have been properly allocated.

A motion was made and approved as follows:

BOD authorizes Marsh Landing Management Company (Peggy Paris) to open and to transfer HOA funds into money market accounts as appropriate, to obtain the most competitive interest rates available. Further, such accounts are to name as signers, Steve Loveland (ML), Peggy Paris (ML), Sadia Sindhu (President DCCOA), Christine Bell (DCCOA Vice President) and Frank Tuenge (DCCOA Treasurer). Each account withdrawal action is to include, at a minimum, one signature each of a ML representative and a DCCOA representative.


Christine requested that our law firm include the subject matter on each line items billed rather than just a dollar amount and how much time was spent. Christine requested that Doug send all legal related invoices to her before paying and Christine will approve. Christine wanted the Board to understand the process she has put in place for legal related items to ensure that all invoices for the community are being paid because the work was actually performed. Issues should be addressed before any vendor is paid. She suggested that invoices be sent to the respective committee liaisons on the board and they in turn would disburse the invoices to their committees. The main concern is that if there is a performance issue it needs to be brought to Marsh’s attention sooner versus later (i.e. before payment is made).

Billing for legal issues is done on a retainer agreement and there are various flat fees for  collection matters. The billing is deferred for collection matters; the law firm is not paid until we are paid. Other matters are billed by the hour.


Bar scanner has been replaced by the manufacturer and no issues have been reported for several weeks.

Discussed a need to improve the security personnel parking area by removing the stones and replacing them with pavers to provide a more stable path to the street. The Board asked the committee to work with Common Property for a viable solution that may include better lighting for safety when crossing the street in the dark. The Road Paving group was agreeable to including the path improvement project as part of its overall project; however, the need to fix the path is more immediate. Since the path is so short, Doug will also obtain a bid from his maintenance guy for laying pavers.  

In light of the recent fire, the committee discussed emergency procedures and it was generally agreed that security should notify surrounding homes. The BOD discussed that the homeowner is responsible for contacting emergency personnel and that depending on the type of emergency some neighbors may not want to be notified. The BOD did not believe that neighbors should automatically be called but that security should use a common sense approach when deciding to  contact neighbors especially depending on the nature of the emergency and the time of day/night. Sadia asked Don to have ACC come up with a process for the Board to review.

Christine Bell will follow up to get a legal opinion on how to handle guests without a driver’s license when the Gate spot checks drivers’ licenses.

JSO - 5 tickets issued for the month


  • 7 speeding warnings to non-residents
  • 1 stop sign violation
  • 20 overnight street parking violations
  • No pedestrian violations


Don will ask JP to train the guards on radar and communicate that the guards need to be out patrolling/running more radar during the day and night. There is an electronic check point that the guards are supposed to use so their whereabouts can be determined. It was suggested that more specific guidance be made regarding when the guards patrol and run radar.

Sadia asked for monthly reports of historical data including citations broken down starting in January. Doug receives the information from the Security company and will include in the board package going forward.  

Sadia asked Don to speak with the ACC and the Guards to implement a process for the Guards to begin enforcing yard trash on Tuesdays and Thursdays to ensure all trash cans and yard trash are not put out before the designated times and that all cans are out of sight by 11:00 pm the day of. Doug will create a template form and a process for the guards to begin using to track the violations. Photographs will not be required initially although we want that time and date stamp in the future.  

Gordon advised that the JEA backflow testing has commenced and JEA has authorized Bob’s Backflow to enter the neighborhood to test backflows. This authorized vendor is given a list of resident names and when trying to get into our community the Guard denied them access because the vendor was not on the homeowner’s approved list. Gordon explained this is a state law and JEA is authorized to enter the community to complete the backflow testing. Also, they are required to leave a door hanger card on the house with the results of the testing. Don has talked with JEA and Tommy is aware of the issues as well. All Guards will be advised and going forward a JEA authorized backflow vendor will allowed access to homes for the required testing.



  • 22 Projects Total
  • Old Business:    Total 4 projects
  • New Business:  Total of 9 projects, 2 tabled for more info
  • Pending Finals: Total of 7 projects all approved for deposit refunds
  • Pre-Approvals:  Total of 2, one play set and one roof



No written or resident appeals



Finance Chair attended meeting to present the Reserve and Budget committee related information and to give members a better understanding of how the process works. Currently, the reserve amount allocated for Common Property improvements is $113,000.


Gary Smith reviewed the lighting needs and addressed the three poles that are not working. An outline of the scope of work includes hiring an electrical contractor, getting a set price on the total project and includes lighting the deer and Welcome to Deercreek sign. More work will be done before it is presented to the board.


A list of the playground improvements not to exceed $7300, needs to be prepared and given to Finance for proper allocation. The list will be submitted to the Board at the April meeting. Once approved, Doug will work on getting bids to fix all the issues. There is also a very unstable tree that needs to be removed by the playground. Sadia will take a picture and let Doug know which one it is.




More consistent look for all committee information, added Road Paving as a committee, updated a number of pages by deleting old posts, working on updating the Social and Information tabs – Teen Services will be changed to Resident Services and Maintenance Services will be renamed Resident Referral.


Sign Board

The owner of the company that sold us the sign cannot be located – his email and phone number are out of service. If unable to find him, our 5 year warranty is useless. Trying to obtain information regarding the manufacturer so that another company can be hired to work on the sign when it develops a problem.


EZY Marketing

DCCOA has survey capability at $50 per survey and a survey can easily be sent using our Constant Contact email database. Discussed securing certain pages on the website to take more sensitive HOA financial information as well as board and chair emails and phone numbers out of public viewing. Password will be the same for everyone in the community.

Sadia asked that in the next month or so a fire safety article be written that details things residents should be mindful of. Don indicated someone on the ACC might be willing to pen the article.

Communications will start meeting monthly of quarterly.



Christine spoke with the Club and we are able to host a Committee Fair at the Club on Thursday, May 3 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. We need at least one member from each committee to attend and be available to answer resident questions. We hope the Committee Fair will encourage residents to participate in the committees.

Christine indicated that the Club pool will be resurfaced for about $95,000; the project is expected to start in April and will last approximately 1 month.

Christine would like to encourage neighbors to meet one another through block parties. The Club is interested in supporting neighborhood block parties this year. Stannye and Christine will work together to determine where the parties should be held and the best dates.    



Bay Tree Lane -  issue has been resolved by cleaning out bricks that were in the pipe catching natural debris thereby preventing water from flowing into the lake. Pipe is in really good condition. As long as there is a good maintenance program Doug does not believe any further action is required. Doug will work with Frank to create a scheduled maintenance plan of this area as well as other areas in the community that might need to be jetted out.  

Discussions ensued about reviewing invoices before they are paid to ensure they meet our contract requirements and that the work being performed meets our standards before the invoice is paid.

Associa to Marsh transition is 99% complete at this point with some residual questions related to residents indicating they paid something but Associa did not properly communicate or transfer the monies.

Christine asked that the street sign at Vineyard Lakes and Deercreek Club Road be cleaned as it is hard to read.

Potholes in the neighborhood and in the front specifically have been earmarked and are scheduled for repair in the coming weeks.

Residents have been very responsive to the covenant violation letters that Marsh sent out and only two have not responded or complied. Motion was made to fine those 2 residents an initial amount of $250 with an additional fine of $750 if the violation is not corrected within the time frame allowed for compliance.  


The Board Policies and Procedures document that is posted on the website was updated to clarify the Board, committee member, Liaison and Chair roles and responsibilities. The title was changed to Board and Committee Policies and Procedures in reference to the more specific roles of the committees. A motion was made to approve the document with a condition that the no alcohol paragraph will pertain just to Board, Committee, and Chair members. Motion was approved.

A motion was made and approved to secure most of the current DCCOA website by using one password for the entire community. Several email communications will be sent to the residents advising them of the password and effective date, which is scheduled for mid to late May.  The governing documents will remain on the public site to allow potential buyers to understand our covenants, etc.  ARB also asked that their information stay on the public domain; Stannye will work with Skip to identify which documents should stay public.  


It was noted at the beginning of the meeting that the Board needs to conduct business of the community. Residents are allowed up to three minutes to make statements and if that time is not sufficient, residents should follow up with the Chair or Board Liaison who has responsibility for the resident’s area of concern.  

Mike Milkey expressed concern that there is a lack of consistency and continuity in the covenant enforcement and subsequent history when the community changes from one management company to the next. He asked that the board consider adding a standing committee or ad hoc committee to ensure that violations are addressed and a historical record  maintained to ensure a seamless transition from one Board to the next and one property management company to the next. There was subsequent discussion later in the meeting about how those records might be kept etc. Christine will look into setting up a SharePoint drive that is accessible by all Board members and the current property manager. There needs to be additional research to identify how the records will best be kept.  

Steve Milkey asked that an agenda for the Board be made public prior to the meeting so residents can see what will be discussed and determine whether or not they wish to attend the meeting. In addition, as a member of the Common Property committee, Steve indicated that JEA charges us $5 per light fixture and asked how often those lights get looked at to make sure they are working.  He suggested an ad hoc committee. Further discussions during the Board meeting indicated that the Guards are expected to note any light fixture in the community that is not working and report that to JEA for resolution. Doug stated that the usual time frame for JEA to replace a bulb is 3-5 days.