March 6, 2017 - Town Hall Meeting - Feedback

The Deercreek Town Hall was attended by over 100 homeowners and was a packed house! The agenda was comprehensive and addressed the following topics. Key highlights from the Town Hall are included for reference purposes. We are very excited to share the planned enhancements to our community and will be providing regular progress updates.

  • Technology enhancements - Kristen Wiley
  • Common Property Plan - Jim Giancola
  • Guard House Improvements – Skip Yauger
  • Club Corp Overview of Club Revitalization - Nicola Fulford
  • Rules and Regulations update – John Joyce 

Technology Enhancements

Deercreek Access Control Committee is performing a Dwelling Live Gap Analysis to determine if there is additional functionality that would be beneficial to homeowners and guests. We currently subscribe to Visitor Management and Credentialed Access from Dwelling Live and all residents have access to Mobile App. With a few quick taps, anyone from your contact list can be registered as a visitor in the community, and adding guests with the app is faster and more accurate, reducing the number of guard calls back to you while your visitor waits at the gate. The committee is reviewing additional capabilities including ePass, License Plate Recognition, Community Website and Mobile Patrol.

Common Property Planning

The Common Property Committee has several large initiatives underway with the major item being the Roadway Project. They have developed the request for proposal to hire a civil engineer and have received bids; the next steps are being reviewed. The estimated cost is $2.25 million to grind and resurface entire neighborhood. As part of the road project, they are reviewing the preserved area maintenance needs, additional curbing requirements and new pavers at the guard house. The road construction project will be carried out over a period of 5 years starting later in 2017.

The five-year landscape plan is well underway, recent updates includes removal of all landscape around fountain, removal of landscape in center island and the addition of flowers at entrance, clean out of older bushes along entrance road and planting new philodendron and sod at guard house. The main goal for 2017 is to improve the look from Southside Boulevard to the guardhouse.

Guard House Improvements

The Deercreek Guardhouse is in significant need of interior and exterior improvements. Our resident Architect firm has developed plans to have the lanes narrowed, pavers installed, laser notification system for tall vehicles, larger windows, new cabinets and finishes and many other improvements. The committee is reviewing price proposals and expects to commence work in late second quarter.

Club Corp – Club Revitalization 

Many homeowners are aware of the tremendous improvements currently underway at our club. The new club layout and membership plans were presented and all are looking forward to the unveiling in June.

Rules and Regulations Update

Deercreek is turning 30 in 2018 and thus the Board of Directors must vote to approve the preservation of the DCCOA Recorded Governing Declarations and Bylaws in accordance with Florida Statute. The Board is also revising Rules and Regulations (R&R) and Policies and Procedures (P&P). The Declarations and Bylaws remain unchanged and are currently available on the Deercreek Country Club Owner's Association website ( The revised R&R and P&P documents was posted on that website on or before April 1, 2017 for all residents to review, then the revised documents will be effective May 1, 2017.

The Board is very appreciative of all members’ feedback at the town hall and looks forward to continued support from our community as we strive to improve the overall Deercreek experience.