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Little Hats, BIG HEARTS

February is ‘Heart Health Awareness Month’ for the American Heart Association and one of their projects is called ‘Little Hats, BIG HEARTS’. A red knitted or crocheted hat is given to every baby born in February at certain hospitals across the country. A packet of information is given to each family to hep keep the baby and the family heart healthy. A group of Deercreek friends have been donating these little hats for 4 years and even convinced the AHA to start the campaign in Jacksonville hospitals in 2017. It started with Patty Tomka, Elizabeth Curtin and Julia Watkins doing the work while many Deercreek friends dropped off yarn on their doorsteps. But then the Deercreek Women’s Alliance offered to sponsor them and supply funds for the supplies needed. Ladies at Carriage Club wanted to help so they gave a group tutorial and handed out patterns and yarn. Sharon Coleman, Sandy Montgomery, and Jyothi Shroff joined the team to knit and crochet, while Carney Kirtley is their official ‘Finisher’. Last year they donated 406 hats!

This is only one of the many projects the AHA sponsors to help keep us healthy and informed about heart and stroke issues. Look at their website to see if there is anything you can do to help too.

And if you knit or crochet, give one of the ‘Big Heart’ Ladies a call to join the team.