Little Hats, Big Hearts

In our February 2016 issue of Deercreek Living we had an article about how three of our members had been making little red hats for the American Heart Association’s February ‘Heart Health Awareness Month’. Patty Tomka, Elizabeth Curtin and Julia Watkins had made and donated 101 hats to be sent to hospitals in Atlanta because Jacksonville wasn’t participating yet. Fast forward to February 2017 and the Little Hats, Big Hearts project is off to a flying start. The AHA had partnered with Baptist Health and Wolfson Children’s Hospital and they needed 600 hats to supply their babies! They sent a reporter to interview the three ladies and took photos of them at work – while chatting and eating chocolate chip cookies. The article was published on the Baptist Health website and their photo flashed on the 10 o’clock news! Then the call came…"Would you be willing to be on the Channel 4 Morning Show? We’d like to have you working in the background while we interview our Director of Perinatal Services about the Heart Awareness Month. You may or may not be asked to speak.” After taking a few deep breaths, they agreed to be at the studio by 8:00 am on February 15, knitting needles and crochet hooks busy. It was great fun, from sitting in the Green Room to walking amongst the plywood backdrops and seeing the local news anchors walking past. Patty was mic’ed and got to answer a few questions from the host, Melanie Lawson. And before they knew it, their segment was over and the anchors were on to other news.

Because of the new interest in Little Hats, Big Hearts, The Deercreek Women’s Alliance has added them as a new charity for the year to help buy yarn for anyone making hats. They are making a presentation to the group at Carriage Club who make and donate baby blankets and chemo caps and want to offer to pay for the yarn used there. Patty’s sister in Arizona is going to start a crochet group of her friends. Two more Deercreek friends, Sandy Montgomery and Sharon Coleman, have signed on to the team and we are all excited to see where this group of BIG HEARTS will end up next year.

If you want to knit or crochet to put Little Red Hats in our Jacksonville babies next February, contact Patty Tomka, Elizabeth Curtin or Julia Watkins. They are in the Deercreek Directory.