Little Hats, BIG HEARTS


February is ‘Heart Health Awareness Month’ for the American Heart Association and one of their projects is called ‘Little Hats, BIG HEARTS’. A red knitted hat is given to every baby born in February at certain hospitals. One of our Deercreek ladies saw the photos on Facebook (See? Sometimes Facebook has useful information that is actually true!) and put out the word in September that anyone who could knit or crochet was needed to make tiny, red hats for newborns. And the Deercreek community again showed that We Care!

Patty Tomka, Elizabeth Curtin and Julia Watkins did the needlework but Terry Templeton kept sending money for more yarn purchases. Carol D’Onofrio, Adele Kunzweiler and Arlene McDermott left red yarn on their doorsteps! And the piles of little hats got bigger.

On January 4 the tiny hats were delivered to the Jacksonville office of the American Heart Association and the final count was 101! They made all sizes – from 3 lb. preemies to 13 lb. plus size babies! Their yarn bags went on vacation trips, into waiting rooms and in front of the TV as little hats filled spare minutes.

The sight of a whole nursery full of bright red hats will surely get everyone’s attention and will get much needed information about Heart Health Awareness to the families. This project started in February 2013 with 300 hats being collected in Chicago. It has grown now to 29 states. Our Jacksonville office is going to look into starting this at Wolfson Children’s Hospital next year because these 3 ladies wanted to help make a difference – and keep their hands busy. If you’d like to be part of this local 'Little Hats, BIG HEARTS' project, contact Patty Tomka or Elizabeth Curtin or Julia Watkins and they will get you clicking away.  Working throughout the year we will have more than 101 ready for February 2017!