Literary Circle January 2016


A Paris Apartment

The Literary circle selection for January is 'A Paris Apartment' by Michelle Gable. We will meet at the home of Connie Davis.

An apartment in the 9th Arrondissement was found after being closed for 70 yrs. The bills were paid but no one entered after the owner left in 1940 to escape the war. She never returned! It was her heir who commissioned Sotheby’s to auction off the contents. And it contained millions of euros worth of paintings, furniture and amazing Belle Époque museum quality pieces.

Michelle Gable took this information, researched the people involved and wrote a fictional story about the larger-than-life personalities involved in collecting the magnificent items amassed in the apartment. The story begins with the preparations for setting up the amazing auction.

When the owner’s dairies are found, the story unfolds of how she acquired the ‘gifts’. The American furniture expert and the French lawyer give different points of view and bring in current situations. The historical characters are highly entertaining, while bringing in facts and customs from their time. We learn about the antiques, some rare and wonderful, some bizarre.

We learn many new French idioms and see modern Paris. We also get some insights into ancient beauty treatments (powdered lead to whiten their complexion) and into modern early onset Alzheimer’s and how the characters dealt with these issues. There are several side stories that weave throughout the book and questions are finally answered. There are French phrases dropped in, French cafes and boulangeries to visit and sights to see.

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