Landscape Awards

August 2014

Dr. Ricardo and Teresita Silva
10135 Bishop Lake Road West

When Ricardo and Teresita Silva moved to Deercreek in 1999, they established good basic foundation plantings which have survived well with careful trimming. Several years ago, they purchased two oak trees through the Tree Program sponsored by Deercreek Home and Garden Club, which now frame their property with lacey shade. Each oak is encircled with a large bed, recently planted with Asiatic jasmine in the foreground, with higher variegated grasses behind.

Dr. and Mrs. Silva have echoed the strong black of their roof with black lamps on the pillars at each side of their front door, above tall black planters. Precisely trimmed topiaries separate the garage doors on the left, with a larger topiary standing to the right of the house front. A lush bed of caladiums in the foundation planting adds a splash of color to the restrained color palette of their landscape.

The healthy, neatly trimmed plants, pleasing symmetry, and serene, shady atmosphere make this landscape a summertime winner.