Landscape Awards

May 2014


Doug & Carol Matthews

10076 Persimmon Hill Ct

Welcome Spring! We certainly did not get the winter beating like the rest of the country but we had a cold north Florida winter. There are plenty of colorful flowers here to welcome the new season. The front garden is lined around a sycamore tree with red and white petunias, geranium, begonia and knockout roses. This is accented with a potted yucca plant. The surprise is a cable box under that rock. The corner garden is for the birds. Along with the statues, there is a birdbath, birdfeeder, a hanging “supertunia” plant, potted impatiens and boxwood schillings. The bunny rabbits at the door are under a large potted fern plant. Other landscaping includes pansies, mums, pittosporum, hollies and mondo grass.