January 2014

Deercreek Lights up the Night!!
By Dena Grossman

December 2013

9950 Chelsea Lake Road
Nick and Millie Simonic

The last of our colorful shrubs and flowers still reign before the cold sets in. Its proud owners – Nick and Millie Simonic, do the landscaping of this beautiful home.  The front view is dominated by pink, red and orange coleus planted under a majestic live oak.  There are also vincas, Mexican petunias and azaleas neatly tucked behind a paved brick border.  Along the front of the house are two large ligustrums enhanced with ginger plants, tai plants, knockout roses, schilling boxwood, aloe and a banana plant.  The designer brick paver driveway has outstanding curb appeal.  In the back behind the podocarpus (Japanese yew) and queen island palm is one of the prettiest pool decks in Deercreek.  Along with the Jacuzzi, rock fountain, and outdoor kitchen, this little paradise has several varieties of red and green crotons planted along the side of the pool.  Robellini palms, potted schefflera and yucca plants, canna lily and an unusual but lovely Mexican weeping bamboo highlight this gorgeous home.

November 2013

Ronald Spiess and Nenette Banzon
8240 Wallingford Hills Lane

This family lives on the seventh hole and as such has a unique and interesting view of the cart bridge going over the lake. The recent landscaping renovation has produced this stunning scenery from their backyard. Numerous plants, crotons, coleus and stromanches provide bold, vibrant color among this lush green grass. Contrasting these beautiful red plants are variegated lily turf, garlic society, gold mound, purple fountain grass and sagos neatly lined with rock slabs. One outstanding garden is built in layers and held with railroad ties and contains a rain tree showing off its fall colors and a palm tree. Additional plants enhancing the view are philodendron, loropetalum, potted blue sage, crepe myrtle, live oak and a kumquat tree.

October 2013



Said and Samira Samaan
7909 Abington Hills Lane


What makes Deercreek Country Club so attractive is driving in and seeing our beautiful landscaped gardens like this one belonging to Said and Samira Samaan. The combination of Mexican petunias, sagos, knock out roses, and the yucca type plants contrasts so nicely with the pampass grass and crape myrtle behind. This property has meticulously hedged shrubs including Indian hawthorne, viburnum, schilling boxwood, junipers, podocarpus and Nellie Stevens hollies which line the periphery of the house. Included in the garden are robillini palms, hydrangeas and nandina.   Some of the flowers are pentas, marigold, vincas and very large caladiums.   While relaxing on the pool deck surrounded by many beautiful potted plants, one can enjoy views of the golf course and nature.


September 2013

Paul and Adele Kunzweiler
10236 Vineyard Lake Road E.

As golfers approach the 12th hole, they are treated to a magnificent view of the backyard garden of Adele and Paul Kunzweiler.  This lovely couple is usually seen working on their own landscaping.  The dominant shrub is Texas sage surrounded by many sun loving vincas, butterfly bushes, purple and white lantana, liriope, and bandito lantana.  One garden that needs little water includes Texas sage, Mexican petunias, Hamelia, lavender and an ornate rock to give a desert look. This is backed up with large viburnum shrubs.  Along the periphery are unique oval shaped loropetalum, crimson crepe myrtles and nandina.  The patio is lined with camellia, agapanthus and a hedge of white azaleas.  Walking along the side of this beautifully manicured property are bottlebrush shrubs and oleander.  These backyard views give Deercreek Country Club an appealing place to golf. 


August 2013

David & Maria Novak

The View August 2013
8240 Chester Lake Rd N

Two popular and hardy Canary Island palms are the focal point of this magnificent garden view. Firecracker shrubs sparkle in the sunlight. Plumbago can be found on the periphery of this garden and in the center is a beautiful water fountain.
This majestic home is enhanced with Italian cypress trees, Crepe myrtles, Queen palms, sago’s and a southern magnolia.

July 2013

Rick & Kristen Waychoff
9975 Vineyard Lake Road East

Submitted by Dena Grossman

It was difficult choosing the best garden view this month with so many attractive gardens in Deercreek Country Club this time of year.  However, this beautiful landscape was among the best. Ti plants and variegated schefflera are the dominant focal point with dwarf oleanders, garlic society and zinnias interspersed throughout the garden. Two majestic live oaks entertain the entrance to this home along with crepe myrtles, viburnums, cabbage palms, bougainvillea, fountain grass and a corner patio ligustrum. 

June 2013

The View June 2013
Jan and Charley Hood - 10014 Vineyard Lake Road

This eye catching view is the home of Jan and Charley Hood. The strikingly colorful flowers are red salvia and yellow marigold. This garden is enhanced with ornamental grass, ligustrum, dwarf nandina, schillings and orchard stones strategically placed throughout. The beautiful driveway is made of old world pavers enhancing the roof motif.

There is confederate jasmine with its exotic aroma as one enters the travertine porch, along with a potted trailing begonia. A tranquil fountain surrounded by Boston fern touches off the corner of the entrance. This outstanding landscaping continues around to the back with East Palatka holly, loropetalum, fox tail fern, sago, bird of paradise and robellini.
The finishing touch is a spectacular lanai with a grandson statue (holding a firefly jar) and a soothing fountain surrounded by Boston fern, Thai plants and asparagus ferns.

May 2013

William & Caroline Ramsay
8202 Bay Tree Lane

We know spring arrived when we saw these beautiful red amaryllis flowers in the front yard of William & Caroline Ramsay’s home. These flowers have actually been passed down from William’s grandmother’s garden. Several hundred bulbs were dug up and transported, some arriving at this location. They show off their brilliant color for several weeks. There are also potted pink and yellow Kalanchoes that adorn each side of the entranceway along with a Sago palm. Other plants include knock out roses, golden lantana, azaleas, Aztec grass and Tea olive shrubs. Along with an oak tree, there are crepe myrtles and maple trees.

January 2013

Submitted by Dena Pulley

The view this month belongs to everyone; our beautiful front entrance.  Freshly planted blue and yellow pansies do well this time of year. The bright knock out roses are in bloom year round.   Our landscaping includes a beautiful brick wall along with majestic viburnum shrubs, ornamental grass, Sylvester palms and sago palms.  Live oaks enhance the background.

November 2012

Submitted by Dena Pulley

Judy and Ron Peace, 10289 Cypress Lakes Drive

This stately home belonging to Judy and Ron Peace is ready for the Halloween season.  Pumpkins, miniature scarecrows and yellow chrysanthemums welcome this time of the year.  A magnificent King palm stands in front of the house with box schillings, juniper, podocarpus and Indian Hawthorn shrubs lying symmetrically underneath.  Moss rose in hanging pots and pots of


October 2012

Submitted by Dena Grossman

Judy and Ron Peace, 10289 Cypress Lakes Drive

This stately home belonging to Judy and Ron Peace is ready for the Halloween season.  Pumpkins, miniature scarecrows and yellow chrysanthemums welcome this time of the year.  A magnificent King palm stands in front of the house with box schillings, juniper, podocarpus and Indian Hawthorn shrubs lying symmetrically underneath.  Moss rose in hanging pots and pots of red crocus are at each end of this garden.   Lining the front entrance are neatly manicured viburnum, ligustrum, philodendron, pittosporum, and holly shrubs.   A colorful potted croton and a pumpkinwitch greets guests at the entrance.  Live oaks and beautiful ligustrum trees enhance the exterior of the dwelling.

September 2012

Submitted by Dena Grossman

9944  Deercreek Club Road

For those that tee off from the first hole here in Deercreek Country Club is our view to the right over the lake.  This reflective view is the home of Lynley and Robert Danisavage.  This magnificent home is accented with tall Italian Cypress trees at the outside corners and beautiful Sylvester date palms at each edge of the lake.  These carefully planned gardens have symmetrically placed sago palms, knock out roses, Aztec grass and beautiful bird of paradise in bloom.   Outlining the inviting pool are variegated ginger and red fountain grass with pots of red bougainvillea at each corner.  The Robellini palms, African iris and hibiscus are planted along the edge of this home  to complete the landscape.

August 2012

Baringer and David Marble.
10171 Bishop Lake Road W

The view this month can be found at the lovely home of Stannye Baringer and David Marble.  This carefully put together garden consists of a neat row of pink flowered pentas interspersed with seedum, asparagus fern and a beautiful pink ginger lily.  Blue daze lines the front row with attractive lightscape fixtures to enhance evening viewing.   There is a third row of boxwood shrubs and a pittosporum hedge along the brick wall.  The front entrance is enhanced with pink mandevilla, salvia, viburnum and a bottlebrush popular with hummingbirds.  A Nellie Stevens holly accents each corner of the house.  There is a live oak in the front surrounded at the base with Florida’s popular lantana.  Ivy and a very manicured lawn line the circular driveway and a redbud which flowers in the spring touches off the landscape.

July  2012

Duke & Ally Kessell
9968 Chelsea Lake Road

During our midsummer heat, we can still find beautiful flowers and gardens here in Deercreek. Duke and Ally Kessel’s view is the one to see this month. Upon approaching their home there are beautiful multicolored zinnias and plumbago at the front corner of their lot. Duke saved the seeds from last year’s zinnias and used them to cultivate this season’s new crop which are found all along the front and side flower garden.

The two massive live oaks on the front yard hold hanging baskets of wandering Jew, Boston fern, saghorn fern and another ornamental fern plant. Each corner of the house has enchanting fountain grass and then bordering the house are viburnums, Ilex schillings, lorapetallum, azaleas, holly and ligustrum. The colorful border flowers are salvia, hibiscus, blue daze, knock out roses, geraniums, moss rose, bubblegum petunia, and mona lavender.

There is a beautiful pot of hibiscus, blue daze and a firecracker plant. Always attractive is a hanging pot with trailing verbena and geraniums. A morning glory plant is quickly growing on a trellis. Duke’s favorite is a long borderline garden with more of these enchanting flowers planted along ligustrum trees. 

June 2012

Floyd and Lamia Campbell
-  10070 Heather Lake Court W.

Maybe it’s all these June downpours that have made these caladiums so bright and large.  Lamia and Floyd Campbell emphasized their garden view with caladiums and gorgeous hydrangeas.  Arriving at the front door there is a unique Norfolk Island pine at the front window. 

Also lining the entrance are viburnum, loropetalum, amaryllis, dwarf azaleas and a potted Mediterranean cactus next to a charming stool so one can relax and reflect.  The front yard has a southern magnolia tree with caladiums and knockout roses bordering it.  On the sunny side of the house there are large elephant ears, agapanthus, Easter lilies, chrysanthemums, a vegetable garden with tomatoes, banana peppers, eggplant and also an herb garden with mint and rosemary. 

The corner has a beautiful pink tulip tree bordering a row of colorful hydrangeas on the back patio.  Finishing our tour there is a holly tree, a large lemon tree and a Japanese plum tree.

May 2012

Submitted by Dena Grossman

9912 Vineyard Lake Lane

This beautiful view is found at the home of Jamal and Nuha Jubran.  

Nuha has painstakingly selected these beautiful flowers to enhance the Romanesque water fountain. 

There are knock out roses, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, yellow snapdragons, daisies, begonias, impatiens, carnations and garlic society grass to bring out the color. 

The year round shrubs and trees along the exterior of the house are schillings, sagos, hollies, juniper, queen palms, ligustrum topiary, a robellini palm, and a canary island date palm. 

Moving along to the side and back is a gorgeous Mediterranean style garden with fig trees, lemon trees, a Valencia orange tree, rosemary and kumquat trees.  There are even 2 olive trees with baby olives growing.  Come drive by and see this outstanding garden.

April 2012


Submitted by Dena Grossman
Photo by Kent Smith


10342 Cypress Lakes Dr.

Drs. Max & Katherine Billingsley


Sometimes to find beauty, one must look deep into Deercreek. This home belonging to Drs. Max and Katherine Billingsley was recently re-landscaped and presently shows Florida’s beautiful spring flowers.


Lining the driveway are lantana, ornamental cabbage, begonias, African iris, liriope and marigolds. A live oak tree overshadows viburnum, ligustrum, loropetalum, boxwood and variegated ginger.


In front of the bay window are yellow hibiscus, red knock out roses, Mexican petunias, a sago palm along with a southern magnolia. To enhance the entrance, there is a kumquat tree on each side of the porch and a potted purple bougainvillea to welcome you inside.

March 2012


Submitted by Dena Grosman

Our wonderful spring season begins with these beautiful blooming azaleas at the home of Tom and Mervi Hamby at 10108 Vineyard Lake Road.  The bright pink and red flowers are doing great this year.  One trick to the success is “Do not shear azaleas, and feed them”, according to Tom.

December 2011

December 2011

Our beautiful autumn season is here. Elly Crain at 7881 Heather Lake Ct. E. has done a beautiful job displaying the fall colors. Standing in the front yard is a scarecrow surrounded by a garden of lantana, a firecracker plant and chrysanthemums.

Accenting the front of the home are very attractive custom made window boxes with ornamental gourds, dusty miller, ferns and marigolds. The bordering garden contains lorapetalum, lantana, boxwood, moss rose, Aztec grass, purple queen and a crepe myrtle. As you follow the path past the weeping holly, to the main entrance you will find a fall pumpkin displayed on a block of hay sitting next to a pretty antique sitting bench.

The front garden has a bottlebrush, nandina plants, a canna lilly and Mexican heather with ornamental rocks interspersed.

October 2011

This very cozy, quaint home belongs to Greg and Cary Flynn. These healthy plants have been maintained by Greg’s meticulous fertilizing. A grape gathering cart with Crown of thorns and flowering vincas catches your attention as one drives down the road. The front of the house is lined with holly, boxwood, azaleas and a planter of Mexican petunias. The background is highlighted with an antique plant stand containing baby blue point junipers, gourds and miniature pumpkins. The corner of the house is accented with a bird bath containing another Crown of thorns plant and a rabbit statue beside it. Ligustrum and sago line the opposite corner. The attractive entrance has a trailing vinca plant on a pedestal and a pumpkin to welcome the fall season.

September 2011

Eric and Loly Loveless
10212Vineyard Lake Road

This month’s View can be found in our neighbor’s backyard. Eric and Loly’s beautiful paradise can be partially seen from the golf course. A Koi pond surrounded by river rocks and slate is adjacent to a pergola covered with confederate jasmine. Water lilies can be found in the pond with amaryllis, sweet flag and umbrella grass growing around it. Viburnum and ligustrum add some privacy to this garden. A beautiful large Boston Fern and two green gazing balls add to an inviting view.

By Dena Grossman

Ted and Vicki Jackson
10167 Bishop Lake Road

Yes, it has been extremely hot and difficult to maintain our grass and flowers but one can find a wonderful garden View here in Deercreek. At the front corner of the home there is a tiered holly bush with pink and purple vincas and pentas for ground cover. Confederate jasmine is used as ground cover under the majestic live oak in front of the home. Along the curved walkway next to the brick surface there are strategically placed holly shrubs, pittosporum and barberry, with a spiral cedar in the corner. Continuing along the front, color is added with crimson hued coleus, golden daisies, pink gardenias and yellow marigolds. Azaleas and ligustrum finish off the landscape as well as a podocarpus in training for an arch.

By Dena Grossman

July 2011

John and Sue Jain
7848 Troy Hills Lane

This is a newly landscaped garden which is highlighted with many beautiful clay pots with our favorite Florida flowers. Most abundant are the bright Crimson Mandevilla spread throughout with fresh pine straw and outlined with paved curved borders along the circular driveway. There are king sabal palms in the center surrounded by knock out roses, gardenia, yellow marigold, giant iris, liriope, viburnum, ligustrum and a fig tree. There is also an herb garden with basil and rosemary.

June 2011

Gene and Peggy Golien
10324 Cypress Lakes Dr.

Peggy and Gene Golien totally remodeled their garden into a beautiful oasis.  There are many elegant flowering  pots scattered throughout the landscape.  The pots allow for the flowers to grow more easily and are  better displayed.  Along the front entranceway are colorful knock out roses, a rose tree, lantana tree, ginger, hollies, legustrum, petunias, flax lillies, yellow and purple lantana and a coontie palm.  Accenting the corner of the house is a bird of paradise statue surrounded by boxwoods and pom pom juniper. Entering the driveway is drawf oleander, geraniums, allisium and bush daisy.  Italian cypress marks the other corner of the house along with bleeding heart in a high basket and verbena.  Under the oak tree there are bright  fire cracker plants along with dwarf bottlebrush, red and yellow lantana, hanging holly fern, and a tremendous staghorn fern.  Finishing off the other side of the house are dracena, verbena, plumbago, viburnum, bird’s nest fern, sago and fountain grass.  Come see all of these beautiful plants.


April 2011

Francis and Edwin Schurr, 9958 Cider Keg Court


April 2011

Spring is here, and look at all of these beautiful flowers.

Francis Schurr created a garden that is surrounded by Tennessee stone. Contained within are dwarf marigolds, dianthus in pink, red and white shades, violas, pansies in shades of blue, purple and yellow, petunias in magenta and red.

There is an artsy wheelbarrow with snow princess and million bell flowers. Hanging from this charming home are baskets with impatiens, petunias, kalanchoes and Boston fern.

Accenting the garden is a whiskey barrel with verbena and ornamental cabbage.

A live oak carefully pruned allows salvia, knockout roses, Aztec grass, Asian jasmine, Easter lilies and cassia to grow through filtered sunlight.

November 2010

10081 Persimmon Hill Court - Marianna Smith

This bright colorful flowering shrub is called Butterfly Cassia. It is in full bloom throughout the fall season. Marianna Smith planted this along her driveway in addition to Coleus, Knockout Roses, Pansies, Impatiens, Daisies, Sagos, Loriope, Plumbago, Firecracker plant and Crotons.

October 2010

11222 Chester Lake Rd

There are numerous views to be found at the home of Linda and Ken Proudfoot. One can start with Lantana, non-hybrid Rose, Hibiscus, Indian Hawthorne, and Southern Lilac lining the driveway on one side and on the other there is a Pink Japanese Magnolia bush, Ligustrum tree and Antique Rose emphasized with Pentas, Vincas, and Impatiens. Sweet Potato Vine along with an attractive garden chair add some Southern charm. Further into the garden red and yellow Portulaca, Mexican Heather, Wandering Jew, Agapanthus, Society Garlic and Day Lillies are artfully planted in this lovely landscape. Accenting the entrance are potted Purple Daze and red Yarrow, Sagos and more Antique Rose. Their garden continues along the rear of the house where it is backed up by the wetlands.

September 2010

These Knockout Rose Trees are a wonderful addition to the landscape of the home of Christopher and Tina Chester at 8263 Ashworth Court. The newly painted house is accented with Vincas, Lorapetalum, Azaleas and Agapanthus.

August 2010

7732 Wartermark Lane: the Florida summer heat hasn't been kind to most of our region's flowers but these Agapanthus have been thriving. This lovely view belonging to Larry Shelton in Edgewater is surrounded by Sagos, Verbenas, Loropetalum and wild Petunias.

July 2010

Go take a look at the gorgeous display of white Crepe Myrtles from the sidewalk on Chester Lake Rd. West and the corner of Vineyard Lake Rd.  This lovely oasis of trees was planted as part of the Garden Club tree sale. The sale is every two years and will be held again this fall (2010). Wow, what a beautiful sight!




June 2010

Randa Saman
10073 Chester Lake Road

This beautifully manicured landscape is maintained by its owner, Randa Saman. There is a spectacular fountain surrounded by lorapetalum and boxwood, lined with African lillies and finished with fresh cypress mulch. The corner lot has knockout roses, sagos, jasmin and caladium. Highlighting the front garden are Italian Cypress and many flower varieties - snapdragons, pansies, lantana, mums and zinnias.




May 2010

Dr. Carlos and Aris Oteyza, 8226 Chester Lake Drive

This wonderful view is found at 8226 Chester Lake Dr. The home belongs to Dr. Carlos and Aris Oteyza, but it is the grandmother, Eleanor Simangan who is responsible for these beautiful amaryllis.  Looking similar to lilies, the amaryllis is a tropical bulb that is gaining popularity in Florida gardens.  It is native to South Africa and South America.  They have a range of colors from dark deep red to pure white.  We appreciate Eleanor for bringing these gorgeous flowers into Deercreek.








This handsome clock was placed beside the putting  green in late February, 2010. 

Funds for its purchase were raised from the Deercreek Course Improvement Tournament which is held yearly. 

In addition bricks, which can be personalized with contributor's names, were sold and positioned around the base.  Additional bricks are available for $75. 

If you would like to honor someone or simply wish to have family members' names engraved on a brick contact Mike Milkey at 363-1450. 

 Look for this lovely recent addition to the Deercreek community as you approach our club's circular entrance.









December 2009

Dr. Amit and Aparna Chakravarty 9914 Chelsea Lake Road

The landscaping for this beautiful home is centered around an enchanting goddess fountain surrounded by pentas, lantana, vincas and zinnias. The background is accented by swaying queen palms, magestic Washingtonian palms and potted chrysanthemums.

November 2009

Jody & Carol Barry 8216 Wallingford Hills Lane

As cold weather starts to move in there is still plenty of summertime landscape color. Jody and Carol Barry’s garden has beautiful red and green Mammy Crotons enhanced by very attractive bronze and concrete statues. Arching Queen Palms surround the home. Pentas, purple and orange Lantana, Hibiscsus and Ti plants are also seen growing in this magnificent View.

October 2009

Walter & Fay McLanahan
7812 Blakeford Mill Lane

An Angel's Trumpet plant is the eye-catching feature of the View of the month. This yellow flower version from Seattle is very fragrant and is especially beautiful in the morning and evening. There are Ti plants, vincas, philodendron and a peace lily surrounding it. Thank you Walter and Faye McLanahan for growing this beautiful specimen in Deercreek.

September 2009

LeAnn & Brad Chrischilles
7891 Bishop Lake Road

LeAnn and Brad Chrischilles have earned the September View Award.  This family proudly does their own landscape work.  Getting ready for the fall season is golden colored crotons, asters, and broad leaf Aztec grass.  Approaching the 18th hole, one sees beautiful sago palms, jackfrost pittosporum, hollies, loropetalum, azaleas, hibiscus, caladium, ligustrum, Mexican lily, bottlebrush and a graceful queen palm.


August 2009

John and Linda Robinson
9964 Chelsea Lake Road

There is plenty of color to be found in the exquisite garden of John and Linda Robinson’s home at 9964 Chelsea Lake Road. Lining both sides of the beautiful brick paver driveway are Lantana, Zinnia, Vinca, Plumbago, and Bougainvillea.  A gorgeous hanging pot of New Guinea Impatiens lies under the shade of a Ligustrum.  Accentuating the landscape is a Canary Island Date Palm, a Robellini Palm and a New Queen Palm.


July 2009

Dr. Elias & Rania Saikali
7948 Vineyard Lake Road North

Dr. Elias and Rania Saikali are the proud winners of the July View Award.  Their beautiful home is at 7948 Vineyard Lake Road North. The spectacular Roman theme has made this home a work of art.  The elegant sculptured vases contain neatly manicured spiral topiaries.  An enchanting seahorse flower pot statue has cascading  jasmine.  Enhancing the garden are agapanthus, knock out roses, hollies and snapdragons.

June 2009

John and Darlene Steen
7859 Troy Hills Lane

This gorgeous landscaping earned John and Darlene Steen the June View Award..  The foreground contains knockout roses, sagos, lorapetalum and fresh red cypress mulch.  The neatly hedged legustrum curves around the exterior of the home along with zinneas, mums and caladiums. 

May 2009

Robert & Mica Brown
11182 Chester Lake Rd. No.

The colorful eye-catching flowers have earned Robert and Mica Brown the May View Award.  Their new brick paver driveway leads up to beautiful snapdragons, pink geraniums, poinsettias and two lovely swirled topiaries.  We’re lucky to have such attractive gardens in Deercreek.


October 2008

Pedro & Doris Rodriguez
9966 Cider Keg Court

Pedro and Doris Rodriguez had a beautiful brick paver driveway constructed which matches the exterior color of their house. Proceeding up the path is a lovely fountain accented with a canary island palm and cabbage palms in the background. Seasonal mums highlight this masterpiece.

September 2008 

Carol Brian Whitmire—
8225 Wallingford Hills Lane

Carol and Brian Whitmire have created a spectacular water fountain that is centered within the beautiful brick-paver circular driveway. Enhancing this work of art are beautifully trimmed sago palms and ligustrum. Impatiens and knockout roses also add to the beauty.

August 2008

Rodrigo and Christine Sievert
7934 Bishop Lake Road North

Rodrigo and Christine Sievert have managed to show dramatic color in their lovely garden during the heat of summer.  Caladium and sun coleus are eye-catching while creeping fig vine grows along the front of their splendid house.  Fire power bushes, verigated holly and Japanese azaleas also enhance the landscape.


July 2008

Vickie and Arthur Ettlinger
8217 Wallingford Hills Lane
The creative work of Vickie and Arthur Ettlinger  can be seen in this view of their magnificent front yard.  The Canary Island Palms and the Drake Elm have been meticulously pruned.  The begonias are in full bloom next to the beautiful brick paved driveway.  Adding to the beauty are the greyhound statues, deer statue and the lovely multi-level fountain.  The Pittisporrum, Schelling’s Hollies, and mondo grass enhance this splendid view.

July 2008

June 2008

At # 7914 on McLaurin Road North,  Gene and Dabney  (Atwood/Ware) have  totally redesigned their front yard and, it has evolved into a flowing oasis of carefree flowers. A huge sweeping bed of agapanthus and caladiums is the focal point, with golden accents and knock out roses highlighting the other large bed.  Live oak trees are bordered by Mondo grass. Situated in a corner at the front of the house is a bench, bubbling water and a tall statue that provides a  graceful, serene setting. Tall cypress trees and small boxwood shrubs provide contrast against the brick house.  Thank you, Dabney and Gene for providing a most interesting, colorful and beautiful setting here in Deercreek.

May 2008

Cheryl and Bruce Limanti of 8258 Bay Tree Lane
are the recipients of the May Home and Garden Club Award. Situated at the end of this cul de sac is a yard reminiscent of an English Garden. A paver driveway leads to a stone wall that is the focal point of this yard with three palm trees and knock out roses planted within the bed. There are so many shrub varieties, ligustrum, lorapetulum, and junipers and more too numerous to name them all.  Graceful society iris accent another bed. As if it wasn’t enough, the backyard is terraced and has a beautiful array of flowers and shrubs that can be seen from the 14th fairway. Golfers enjoy the view! Thank you to the Limanti’s for adding to the scenery in Deercreek.

April 2008

Azmi and Victoria Samaan of 10134 Bishop Lake Rd West 
are selected as the recipients of the April Landscape Award. The Samaans have been working hard on their presentation and their care reflects it. Junipers, lorapetulum, lariope and red cardinal annuals surround the circular driveway and the house. Stately teardrop ligustrum are focal points for this corner residence. At the entrance two double ball topiaries stand  next to  a rock garden arrangement. The sound of flowing water adds to the tranquility. At the rear of the property, meticulously shaped large ball shrubs border the property line. Thank you to theSamaans for sharing their beauty with Deercreek.