Landscape Awards

September 2014

9907 Vineyard Lake Lane
Jeff and Donna Bernard

The front of the home of Jeff and Donna Bernard features impressively styled ligustrum trees standing among well trimmed foundation plantings of shillings, hollies, viiburnum, and more ligustrums. Near the front door purple lantana and yellow carolina Jessamine offer spots of color while a pygmy palm nestles in one corner. Two watermelon pink crepe myrtles frame the other corner on the right.

On the left side of the home, stately oak trees provide shade for an expansive, perfectly manicured lawn that is sure to be the envy of any gardener struggling to maintain healthy grass in a Florida climate. Except for the addition of a large topiary of eugenia, the choices of the trees and shrubbery on this side mirror the crepe myrtles, hollies, viiburnum, and shaped ligustrums of the front. This continuity of plantings provides a well-balanced, serene, and welcoming landscape to our community.