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The View June 2018

The View for June is awarded to:


10004 Randallstown Lane

From where ever you approach the Tozy residence, either at the corner of Randallstown Lane or McLaurin Road North, there is a beautiful display of flowers, shrubs and decorative pots. There are very defined accents, each telling a different horticultural story.

Among tall Washingtonian palm trees surrounding their home, there are beautiful beds with cactus viburnum, ginger, roses, sago palms, confederate jasmine, azaleas, lantana, vinca, holly, cabbage plant, snap dragons and so much more! The beds are truly interesting and colorful.

Thank you to the Tozys for the special care and maintenance of their landscape that enhances Deercreek!

Please take a moment to drive by this gorgeous property! It could easily serve as inspiration to create your own outside oasis