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  • Deercreek Supports ESJ Hurricane Relief Effort

    Nick Coutros, a junior at Episcopal School of Jacksonville, wants to thank the Deercreek Women's Alliance (DWA) and the Ladies B-1 Tennis Team for their generous donations to ESJ's school-wide relief efforts and for supporting his personal efforts to help families impacted by Hurricane Harvey. ESJ will ensure that all donations reach families in need of assistance. Thanks Deercreek, for your support.

  • New Garage Enforcement Policy

    As noted in the Board's previous minutes - the HOA has decided to enforce the Garage Enforcement Policy as written in the CC&R's and relaxed in recently adopted Rule 20-B of the Deercreek Rules and Regulations.

    Garages are expected to be used for the housing of vehicles to minimize the number of vehicles parked on the driveway. Accordingly, the Board has adopted the requirement that Members, or their tenants, must garage park: not less than 1-vehicle if the house has a 2-car garage; not less than 2 vehicles if the house has a 3-car garage; and, not less than 3-vehicles if the house has a 4-car garage. Golf carts shall be considered a vehicle for purposes herein. Parking of vehicles on a grassed area is prohibited. Daytime street parking is permitted provided such parking does not block the flow of traffic. Overnight street parking (a car parked on the street after 2:00 am) is prohibited. Parking violations will be subject to a $25.00 fine per occurrence.

    Enforcement will start October 1st and we appreciate your cooperation in adhering to all the Deercreek CC &R's and Rules and Regulations for Deercreek to remain a premier housing neighborhood in Jacksonville.

    Entrance Gate Repairs : 
    A Member or house renter who breaks the gate barrier upon entering or exiting the community shall be responsible for the repair or replacement cost of the gate barrier. Please use caution when approaching the gate to avoid collision.

  • The Communications Committee needs VOLUNTEERS!!

    Your Deercreek Homeowners’ Association needs volunteers as follows:

    1. Editor: to assist with coordinating incoming articles, proofreading and editing monthly. This person will become a member of the Communications Committee which is responsible for all email blasts, the monthly newsletter, the website, electronic signboard, annual resident directory, the HOA mailbox, the Ambassador program, and other communication matters.

    Sounds like something you'd love to be a part of? Consider volunteering for a few months to test it out before committing for the long haul. We invite you to join the Communications team that tackles these vital roles in our community. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors and make new friends. Will you join us?

     2. Deercreek Ambassadors:

    We need volunteers for the 'Deercreek Ambassadors Team. This team has the fun task of visiting and welcoming new residents into the community. What a way to meet people and make friends! The Ambassadors provide new residents with vital information such as what fun groups and social activities are available in our community [like the Home and Garden Club, Women's Alliance, Literary Circle, Maj Jong, Bunco, Bridge, Ladies Golf, Ladies Tennis Associations etc], who to contact for certain issues and some basic resident rules & regulations to make their transition smooth.

    A personalized approach to welcoming new residents goes a long way in giving them a sense of belonging; it also helps us grow a fully engaged community of residents.

    We are looking for Volunteers to build this team and help develop Deercreek into an even more vibrant and friendly community. Would you like to join us? Please send an e-mail to or call Kristen Wiley at 904.271.0666. Can't wait to hear from you!

  • Would you run for a Board Position? We need you!

    We are looking for candidates who would like to help keep Deercreek one of the premiere communities in Northeast Florida. The Board has three vacancies this year. We need at least three people to step forward and volunteer to show their community spirit by running for the board.

    The Board is responsible for running the Deercreek Country Club Owners Association. This means establishing the budget, working with the various committees and the management company to keep the Association running smoothly, and attending the monthly Board meetings. The Board meetings generally run between one and a half to two and a half hours long. Board members are also expected to serve as liaisons to one of the committees, which generally meet once a month. As you can see, while volunteering your time, the effort is not burdensome. The reward for this gift of your time comes from knowing that you are doing something to maintain and improve your community.

    So how do you get involved? Simply send your bio (word document 350 words max) and head shot (jpg file) to the Association by October 30, so you may be included on the ballot when the packet announcing the annual meeting of the membership of the Deercreek Country Club Owners Association goes out. Your name will be included on the ballot and the votes will be cast. In addition, candidates will be featured in the December newsletter.

    Send your bio and picture via e mail to by October 30, 2017.

  • Post Featured Image

    Give Where You Live!

    Want to help in the fight against Breast Cancer?

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and The RITA (Research Is The Answer) Foundation continues to make a difference in Jacksonville. Founded in Deercreek in 1997, RITA has a special opportunity to double donations! Baptist Health Foundation is MATCHING 100% any donation going into an endowment through November 30, 2017. 100% of your donation will go into one of RITA’s five cancer endowment funds at Baptist Health and it will be matched. So your donation is doubled! The RITA Foundation is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit volunteer organization. Our Mission is to raise money and awareness in the fight to find a cure. We have donated 100% of the money from our special fund raising events with no salary or overhead costs deduction for the last 20 years. Over $4,500,000.00 has been donated to cancer programs in Jacksonville.

    To give where you live, you can donate on our website, or write a check, payable to The RITA Foundation and mail to, 8334 Amherst Hills Lane, Jacksonville, FL 32256. You can also give in honor of or in memory of a loved one. 100% of your donation will be added to our $300,000.00 Cancer Endowments at Baptist Health where your gift will be matched to yield revenue toward a cure.

    Thank you for your support.
    Charles and Nancy Jantz, Founders

  • Post Featured Image

    Deercreek and Haile Plantation Share the LOVE

    Six tennis players from Haile Plantation in Gainesville drove to Deercreek to share their love of tennis and play round robin on a hot July morning. The players enjoyed a time of great tennis, lunch and club camaraderie.

    The Tennis Center is always looking for players of all levels to join the various teams - so if you want to join the fun please call the Tennis Shop for further information at 904-363-1502.

  • Suspicious or Undesirable Activity

    Please immediately report to Deercreek Security (363-2147) any suspicious or undesirable activity, e.g., a suspicious person/vehicle/boat, vandalism, excessive noise or failure on the part of the Deercreek Security staff, including gate attendants, to perform in a proper manner. Your cooperation in this regard greatly increases the effectiveness of your controlled access system.

  • Ladies C2 Tennis Team finished the season strong!

    What a marvelous 2016-2017 season the Deercreek C2 Ladies Tennis team had! Under the expertise of Coach Michael Grant, they came in fourth out of eleven teams in the C2 league.

    Despite several player injuries along the way, they delivered a commendable performance to remain at number four within the league. Kudos to these wonderful ladies and their supporters who cheered them on to victory. It was always delightful to see Gigi at every match, supporting and cheering! The ladies brought the tennis season to a close at a celebration luncheon back in May.

    Captain Reba Shrewsbury, Co-Captain Marie Malloy and their team did a wonderful job keeping things going and they are once again ready for the 2017-2018 season.

    Not all players were available for the team photo as shown, but they were there in spirit! Want to join this fun and energetic group? Contact the Tennis Pro Shop @ 904 363 1502

  • Rejoicing with our 2017 graduating students!

    We are proud to celebrate the graduation of nine residents' children from high school this year. We also have three young men graduating from college, some going ahead to Post-graduate studies! We are so happy for these high flying young people and wish them all the best as they move forward with life and academic pursuits.

    Our High School graduates:

    Cole Parker Tollett
    Graduating from - Episcopal School of Jacksonville
    Attending - Rhodes College
    Major - Dual degree in Physics and Engineering.
    Also playing college baseball

    Bradley Parker
    Graduating from - Atlantic Coast High School
    Attending - Florida State College of Jacksonville on a baseball scholarship.
    Degree in view - AA degree with plans to transfer to a State University for pre-Med/Sports Medicine.

    Isabella Marie Horning
    Graduating from - Bishop Kenny High School Class of 2017
    Attending - New Mexico Military Institute followed by the United States Air Force Academy.
    Received a prestigious Air Force Academy Falcon Scholarship.

    Cole Korsog
    Graduating from - Episcopal School of Jacksonville
    Attending - University of Florida.

     Arvind Sommi
    Graduating from - Stanton College Preparatory
    Attending - University of Florida, Gainesville

    Amanda Bornhoffer
    Graduating from - Atlantic Coast High School
    Attending - Florida State College, Jacksonville.
    Degree in view - Elementary Education.

    Kathryn Durfee
    Graduating from - Bishop Kenny High School
    Attending - Ave Maria University
    Kate will play volleyball for Ave Maria University.

    Jack William Brown, III
    Graduating from - Providence High School
    Attending - University of North Florida

    Richard Still
    Graduating from - The Bolles School
    Attending - Georgia Institute of Technology

    Our College Graduates:

    Chance E. Owen
    Graduating from - University of Central Florida
    Degree - B.Sc Finance
    Active in the Kappa Sigma Fraternity
    Employer - Edward Jones Investments

    Neil Sood
    Graduating from - Florida State University
    Major - Exercise Physiology
    Attending - Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences

    George Abraham
    Graduating from - Swarthmore College
    Degree - B.Sc Electrical Engineering and Math
    Attending - Harvard Graduate School

  • March 6, 2017 - Town Hall Meeting - Feedback

    The Deercreek Town Hall was attended by over 100 homeowners and was a packed house! The agenda was comprehensive and addressed the following topics. Key highlights from the Town Hall are included for reference purposes. We are very excited to share the planned enhancements to our community and will be providing regular progress updates.

    • Technology enhancements - Kristen Wiley
    • Common Property Plan - Jim Giancola
    • Guard House Improvements – Skip Yauger
    • Club Corp Overview of Club Revitalization - Nicola Fulford
    • Rules and Regulations update – John Joyce 

    Technology Enhancements

    Deercreek Access Control Committee is performing a Dwelling Live Gap Analysis to determine if there is additional functionality that would be beneficial to homeowners and guests. We currently subscribe to Visitor Management and Credentialed Access from Dwelling Live and all residents have access to Mobile App. With a few quick taps, anyone from your contact list can be registered as a visitor in the community, and adding guests with the app is faster and more accurate, reducing the number of guard calls back to you while your visitor waits at the gate. The committee is reviewing additional capabilities including ePass, License Plate Recognition, Community Website and Mobile Patrol.

    Common Property Planning

    The Common Property Committee has several large initiatives underway with the major item being the Roadway Project. They have developed the request for proposal to hire a civil engineer and have received bids; the next steps are being reviewed. The estimated cost is $2.25 million to grind and resurface entire neighborhood. As part of the road project, they are reviewing the preserved area maintenance needs, additional curbing requirements and new pavers at the guard house. The road construction project will be carried out over a period of 5 years starting later in 2017.

    The five-year landscape plan is well underway, recent updates includes removal of all landscape around fountain, removal of landscape in center island and the addition of flowers at entrance, clean out of older bushes along entrance road and planting new philodendron and sod at guard house. The main goal for 2017 is to improve the look from Southside Boulevard to the guardhouse.

    Guard House Improvements

    The Deercreek Guardhouse is in significant need of interior and exterior improvements. Our resident Architect firm has developed plans to have the lanes narrowed, pavers installed, laser notification system for tall vehicles, larger windows, new cabinets and finishes and many other improvements. The committee is reviewing price proposals and expects to commence work in late second quarter.

    Club Corp – Club Revitalization 

    Many homeowners are aware of the tremendous improvements currently underway at our club. The new club layout and membership plans were presented and all are looking forward to the unveiling in June.

    Rules and Regulations Update

    Deercreek is turning 30 in 2018 and thus the Board of Directors must vote to approve the preservation of the DCCOA Recorded Governing Declarations and Bylaws in accordance with Florida Statute. The Board is also revising Rules and Regulations (R&R) and Policies and Procedures (P&P). The Declarations and Bylaws remain unchanged and are currently available on the Deercreek Country Club Owner's Association website ( The revised R&R and P&P documents was posted on that website on or before April 1, 2017 for all residents to review, then the revised documents will be effective May 1, 2017.

    The Board is very appreciative of all members’ feedback at the town hall and looks forward to continued support from our community as we strive to improve the overall Deercreek experience.

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