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Tue, October 23, 2018

National Crime Stop Program – a seminar on Identity Theft and Personal Safety

We have seen so much in the news lately about gang shootings and senseless acts of violence that nobody could have predicted or prevented. We tend to think that living in a beautiful gated community will shield us from all that evil. But we would be wrong. We need to be aware that there are other, less obvious dangers out there.

“Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America and with your credit affecting your ability to get insurance, interest rates and even potential employment. It is vital that you understand how to protect yourself from the crime that happens every three seconds. Did you know that criminals can now read your credit card information right through your handbag, pocket or wallet? Retrieve your credit card information from a discarded store receipt? See everything you input into your home PC, stroke for stroke? Advertise a product on a website site for sale and instead steal your bank info? Obtain, online, your personal identifiers including your DOB and social security number? Open credit card accounts in your name from any PC anywhere in the world?” Kevin Gilpin, Program Director, National Crime Stop Program.

Kevin Gilpin founded the National Crime Stop Program in 1985 to battle the increasing crime rate in his community. The 1-Hour “How Not to Become the Victim of a Crime” workshop that he developed focuses on ‘Crime from a Criminal’s Perspective’ and details simple, practical and effective techniques to deter the crime before it happens. In 2004, Mr. Gilpin went through training with the Office of the Attorney General for the State of FL, becoming an advocate in Computer Crime and Identity Theft. He heads up a staff of trainers responsible for conducting hundreds of seminars each year. In 2015, his son, Chris, went on TV’s Shark Tank to pitch his new product, The Signal Vault, to block credit card interception after working with his father to prevent identity theft.

I have seen his presentation before and it was powerful. We need to be jolted out of our complacency and reminded to do everything we can to thwart the cyber criminals out there. He also addresses personal safety and how to be more aware of people around us – in public or even those who enter our homes. Bring your husbands to the meeting. Bring your parents or aging friends. We all need to hear this!!