Home and Garden Club Updates

We don’t have meetings in June or July but our newly elected Board is still at work getting ready for a new year. We had a lovely lunch at the beach to let new members get acquainted and talk about the responsibilities of each position. We’d like to introduce them to the neighborhood so that you can talk to them if you have some interest in helping with any of the areas that keep the group working efficiently. Besides having fun just being together, we also get a LOT done!

President: Cary Flynn
Vice President: Charlotte Johnson
Secretary: Rita Allen, Connie Davis

Appreciation Luncheon Mary Lou Roberts
Communications Patty Tomka
Christmas Party Vicki Khan
Deercreek View Dena Grossman, Carol D’Onofrio
Door Prize Lamia Campbell, Ethel Wilson
Fashion Show Eileen Katibah (Chair), Maryann Grauwiler, Charlotte Johnson, Cheryl Stokes.
Game Day Linda George, Carla Hill
Gatehouse Window boxes Lorraine Clancy
Golden Acorn Award Rita Allen, Connie Davis
Historian Nancy Jantz
Holiday Lights/Gates Jan Walter
Hospitality Suzanne Miklos, Judy Bendick
Membership Anne Kleuppel, Lee Ann Phillips
Magnolia Lights Sandy Montgomery
Nominations Charlotte Johnson
Programs Karen Rutland (Chair), Sharon Coleman, Barbara Smith, Charlotte Johnson, Adele Kunzweiler
Sunshine Carol Seigrist
Telephone Arlene McDermott
Special Projects Cary Flynn, Charlotte Johnson, Sandy Montgomery, Connie Davis

We have a lot of ladies doing a lot of work in our community and we encourage you to come out and see where you might fit in with this excellent group. We try to present interesting programs, field trips and special events, not only to entertain but also to work together to keep Deercreek looking great. Come to our August 25 Golden Acorn Award Luncheon to see what we are up to next!

Deercreek Home and Garden Club where no one is a stranger for long.