Golden Acorn Award Luncheon

Tuesday, August 23    11:30 am

We begin another new year by honoring one of our neighbors with the Golden Acorn Award for exceptional work done in, and for, our neighborhood and the community of Jacksonville. Danny Becton is this year’s winner and besides our recognition, applause and a beautiful plaque painted by Nancy Jantz, he will have an Honor Tree planted in Deercreek. Did you know that we have 83 designated Honor Trees along our streets?

Gerry Ceravolo was the Home and Garden Club president in 1999 when we began the Tree Project through a group purchase program open to all of Deercreek. This added more than 200 trees and has made our neighborhood look more established and inviting. Besides adding trees to our own yards, The Honor Tree program was established so we could donate a tree in memory of or to honor someone important to us. We have compiled a book with photos of each Honor Tree, with its location, the donors and the people being honored. What a visible outpouring of love and respect! 

The Golden Acorn Award was established in 2000, with Nancy and Chuck Jantz becoming the first recipients. Their Live Oak Honor Tree was placed on Deercreek Club Rd by the pool. Every year after that, we named a tree for the Golden Acorn winner, with Danny Becton being our 83rd honoree. So besides thanking our Golden Acorn winners for their contributions to the community we also thank them for the shade their trees provide as we pass through our neighborhood.

Please RSVP for the luncheon to Sharon Coleman to let her know you are attending - 314-7634 or Our new schedule of programs for the year will be made available and you can meet the 35 amazing women who are working to make this Club open and inviting for everyone.