Gift Wrapping with Interior Designer Barbara Ondo

Tuesday, April 26 at 10 am

Have you fallen into the “stuff it in a pretty bag” style of wrapping gifts? It used to be that gift wrapping took time and some creativity. I once gave a boyfriend his Christmas sweater in a box decorated to look like a vest with buttons and a tie. There are occasions when ‘just a bag’ isn’t good enough. We’ve asked some professionals to show us how to ‘Wrap it up with Home Accessories’ using items from your home. Designers Barbara Ondo Morrison and Jalen Atkinson will wow you with their designs of “one of a kind” fun, festive and fabulous gift packaging. Whether you are wrapping for a wedding, presenting a gift in a jar or gifting a piece of furniture, this will be a program you won’t want to miss! And for those of you who haven’t come to our meetings because 'you don’t garden', many of our members don’t either but we all love getting great ideas for lifestyle trends. This one promises to be another fabulous meeting.

Barbara Ondo Morrison started her Barbara Ondo Design Group in 1987 and has worked with all sorts of clients, commercial and residential, government projects and individual homes, model homes and community clubhouses winning many awards along the way. The group works with architects, builders and developers; working from the blueprints to the finishing touches. We had Barbara come to show us holiday table centerpieces several years ago and every one of us was impressed with the creativity and detail that went into each of the different tablescapes. Come out again and be wowed!

Call Anne Klueppel if you have any questions. 519-5368. Or you can ask any of the Home and Garden Club members. We love to talk about it!