‘Gems of the Sea’ by Pearls International

Tuesday February 23 @ 10 am

When was the last time you wore your Good Pearls, the ones you got on your 18th birthday or on your wedding day? If you are saving them to wear with a little black dress at a formal event, you need to come to this month’s Home and Garden Club meeting and see how and where they should be worn. The answer is everywhere and with everything!

The ‘Pearl Girls” from Pearls International will be showing us how pearls are made, how to wear them and care for them and which colors and shapes are best for each of us. Pearls come in many colors besides white and aren’t always perfectly round.

Pearls International is a woman-owned small business with a shop in Daytona Beach Shores, but they also do Pearl Parties in homes and their creative jewelry can be ordered online. Even if you don’t wear pearls yourself, they are a perfect, classic gift. After the presentation, you will have time to try on different pieces of jewelry to see which one would go with your little black dress – or your sweater and jeans. I’ve seen the catalog and these are not just the pearls of Jackie O, Coco Chanel or Barbara Bush. There are many gorgeous, innovative new designs for your ears, neck and ankles! You might want to arrive a little early to look over their traveling inventory. Come and be dazzled.

Looking ahead, we have a Field Trip scheduled on March 8 to tour Williams Nursery on Route 1. Meet at the pool at 9:30. Lunch following. Call Karen Rutland for more information - (904) 219-4135.