From the Access Control Committee

The Holiday Season is generally a joyous one for most people, but there are those who find it painful in one way or another. To make it as joyful as possible, please be careful and keep all vehicle and residence doors locked. In your vehicles, leave nothing of value in plain sight. If you notice anyone suspicious in Deercreek, please notify the guards immediately. If you observe an activity that is dangerous or illegal, please contact JSO first, and then the guards.

Ladies, and gentlemen, be careful as well when in parking lots outside of Deercreek; be sure you are not being followed or observed, especially if you are carrying a lot of packages. Women should be very cautious with their purses and how they are carried. Be sure to not put your purse in a location where someone could grab it while you are pre-occupied with other things.

As always, please enter guest names in DwellingLive ahead of any parties or gatherings.

May your Holiday season be a joyous one.