From the Access Control Committee

Thanksgiving and other holidays are quickly approaching. As usual, pre-registering your guests will expedite their entrance into Deercreek for parties, dinners, etc. This time of year also sees an increase in car burglaries here and in parking lots, especially if there are visible presents / gift items inside the cars. So, be wise. Keep all vehicles locked always and valuables in those vehicles must stay concealed from view at all times. Keep residence doors closed and locked always. Notify the guardhouse or JSO of any observed suspicious behavior.

Why JSO Patrols Deercreek
By Jeanne Harlan

Deercreek security patrols our neighborhood and has the authority to issue citations for various violations. The sole purpose of this is safety considerations, not to generate revenue. Unfortunately, our security personnel are limited in their ability to enforce safety measures with non-residents. To enhance our focus on safety for the community, the utilization of JSO is deemed to be a necessity.

Benefits from using city police to patrol our community:
1. Vendors and visitors can only be warned and cannot be ticketed for speeding or failure to stop at stop signs, by our internal neighborhood security. This has proven not to be an effective deterrent.
2. We are a restricted access community, but there are ways for unwanted people to enter our community. With police patrolling at different times, word gets out and intruders are less likely to attempt.
3. Members of our community should not be concerned about JSO ticketing, provided they abide by the posted speed limit.
4. Our community walkers and bike riders have repeatedly not heeded warnings to walk on sidewalk which is the law. Therefore, an occasional reminder from city police may prevent accidents waiting to happen.