From the Access Control Committee

Safety is always the number one concern of the Access Control Committee, for Deercreek residents and guests. As we approach the summer, please remember the following messages, all of which focus on safety:

  • Motorized vehicles, including golf carts, are to be driven only by licensed drivers. Having an adult in the front seat is not acceptable if the unlicensed driver is actually driving.
  • July 4 is a time for celebrations and fireworks. Fireworks are extremely dangerous and are allowed in Deercreek only to the extent allowed by the Duval County Sheriff's Office for the rest of the county. Violators will be reported.
  • If walking or running on the roads of Deercreek, please remember it is against Florida State law to run with the traffic on a street or road where there are sidewalks present. If you must run or walk on the roads, please do so facing the traffic.