From the Access Control Committee

The Holiday Season is celebrated with parties and family gatherings. Please be sure to enter guests’ names in the gate access system BEFORE your party in order to expedite their entry.

Some children get gifts of motorized electric cars or scooters during the holidays. Be aware that these are considered motorized vehicles and must be operated on Deercreek streets ONLY by licensed drivers. The key concern is safety, and motorized scooters are especially dangerous, several near misses between vehicles and the scooters have been reported.
Electric cars should be driven only on sidewalks and not on golf cart paths. They should never be driven on the streets and an adult must accompany the children at all times.

Some other reminders:

  • The bar code reader works best when vehicles are driven close by it, and most important, SLOWLY. Bar codes can also become coated with pollen and dust, which could render them unreadable. Removing the dust or pollen with a soft cloth can help in this situation.
  • Please note, only one vehicle can pass through the gate for each bar code read.
  • The new turn lanes from Southside Blvd. onto Deercreek Club Road should be open now. Please be courteous and watchful as you take this turn.