From the Access Control Committee

By Tommy Walter

As the weather cools off there will be an increase in residents walking, riding bikes and jogging. If you are driving, please be especially watchful for them, as many are more focused on their exercise than safety. If walking or jogging, please use the sidewalks. While you are out there, if you come across any unsafe areas on the sidewalks or shrubs that needs to be trimmed back, please let May Management know. DCCHOA is committed to keeping the sidewalks safe and easy to use.

For those who insist on the unsafe practice of running or walking in the car lanes of our streets (instead of the sidewalks), please wear bright or reflective clothing at all times and ensure you walk facing the oncoming traffic. The same rule (of wearing bright/reflective clothing) applies to bicyclists as well. If on a bike, ride in the same direction as the traffic and please ride single file so as not to disrupt vehicle traffic. It is not unusual to see bikers riding three abreast with a line of cars stuck behind them.

Following Halloween in October, we usually see an increase in traffic for football parties and of course, Holiday parties and dinners. As always, we ask that you enter your guest’s name in the gate system prior to the day of the gathering. As a last resort you can bring a hard copy of your guest list to the gate before your gathering. Doing either of these will ensure quicker access for your guests than if the guard had to first call you to verify.